Day 33 – Asahikawa and camping

Woke up with a deadly hangover that didn’t seem like much at first but then got worse as the morning went on. I felt very tender and awful.
Reggae music and jamming with Glen, free range chickens
Alex’s friend made us breakfast
Alex spent the night elsewhere, and we waited for her to come back
Then we headed out on the road
went to the mall where we picked up food and supplies for that night of camping
I was still very hungover so kind of just dealing with it
but after a while out on the road I felt better
got to the campsite
unpacked stuff
set up tent
started meeting people
all sorts of western foreigners from various parts of the world
lots of cool people
olympics of some sort
hula hooping, sock wrestling, chubby bunny, origami
got some great food for only ¥500
yakisoba, niku
party had to be moved several times because we were disturbing the japanese people
hung out around this water area with various toys like a waterwheel and some sort of pump device
tiny tree frogs all over the place, and giant moths that looked like dead leaves
after meeting all sorts of people and having a great time, things started to die down, and it started to rain at around midnight, so I retired and went to sleep in the tent
very nice sleep

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