Day 35 – Hirosaki – Castle and Apples

started day biking
melissa lent me her bike
went to the castle
information center
walked around a lot
the castle was small and unimpressive
took a few pictures
walked around
walked around
then went to nekupo or whatever village
did some drumming
obvserved the museum they had there
played with some toys
observed an asian banjo concert, pretty cool
walked around
went back to the bike
headed in the wrong direction
got very lost
finally found where i was on the map
went to the apple orchard park
woman taught me how to find the good apples
went around the whole park picking apples
found all sorts of different
came back to the main place
picked up some cider
went to check out for apples and they threw away all of them because i was horrible at picking out apples
unsatisfied i rode back to mellissa’s place
took a nap
ate the apple, it was alright but not incredible
mellissa came back
her friends joined us and we all went out for dinner
walked a while but eventually found it
40s restaurant
tried all sorts of things
very good
boob ice cream
went back to the apartment and fell asleep

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