Day 36 – Hirosaki – Onsen

Got up and headed out without really knowing what i was doing
wanted to go to oirase but i got to the station a little late for that
instead decided to go to an onsen
a few sounded appealing but decided on one not too far away
dake onsen
while waiting for the bus i had a small grilled cheese and ham sandwich, that wasn’t so bad
took the bus there
bus dropped me off right in front of the onsen
the guy working there didn’t speak excellent english but good enough to help show me around
it was raining a little bit
went to the outside onsen first
no one there
i kind of guessed at what to do
undressed in the hut
put my stuff in a basket (seemed logical)
rinsed myself off outside of the onsen a bit
stepped in
hot but relaxing
rain caused bubbles but it was beautiful
chilled a while
when it got too hot i went out for a bit
drank the cider from yesterday
then went back in
then got out and grabbed a beer and chilled in the lounge area of the onsen
went back into the outside onsen
then got out and went to get a small beef noodle lunch, which was good
after that i went into the inside onsen
much smaller and I didn’t like it as much
but met a guy kobeyashi
tried communication
forgot my towel
he gave me his old one
i gave him a flashlight
we got out
i went to the other onsen to pick up my small rag towel
as i was leaving kobeyashi was there
offered a ride
i took it
we talked in the car
he gave me a coffee
and a pen
he stopped for business at a few places
his company sold drinks to stores
he dropped me off at the temple area
i walked along the temples
into a big one
didn’t really know what to do there
heard a “ben?!”
it was kobayashi checking to make sure i had an umbrella
what a nice guy
said our farewells and i headed back to the apartment
melissa was back
so we were figuring out what to do
i suppose the plan was to cook for dinner
got out and they ordered a cake
had an apple pie
went to “hoi”s apartment
she made rice and curry
we played a game about coming up with songs that had a certain topic in the lyrics
tried to get my laptop to play a movie didn’t
watched youtube the rest of the night
went to bed

Hoi was absolutely beautiful, I so wanted to somehow hit on her, but there was no way of doing it.

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