Day 38 – Tsuruoka and Haguro San

went out to the bus stop to get to haguro
took the bus there while kind of obsessing over times
was on the same bus as some taiwanese people
when we got to haguro, i started talking with them and we became friends
i travelled the paths with them
haguro was beautiful
as kurt pointed out, very much like muir woods
but lots of steps
loooots of steps
bridge and shrine and waterfall
goju-no-to beautiful pagoda
went down famous path that poet Basho went down
frogs or lizards
went up more stairs
stopped at a restaurant
taiwanese people paid for me, very nice
macha tea
certificate i got for strong walker
went to big shrine at the top
no shukubo as i had learned earlier
tasted some of the food
went down on the bus with taiwanese group
said goodbye to them and stopped in haguro
went to musuem there, found a very helpful guy
he told me places to eat and stuff
looked around the museum and learned about the buddhists shintoists who trained there
blew shofar thing
went to food place he suggested down the road and it was excellent
went across the road because i realized i didn’t have small change for the bus so I bought some chopsticks with a 10k bill.
got on bus and went back to tsurouka station
waited around
tried going to hotel the taiwanese people suggested but they rejected me because i was a foreigner, something about pointing at his elbow
went to a bench that was kind of secluded
some high school girls joined me and kind of flirted with me
we tried communicating, but whatever
called raashad, figured out how to get to his place
high school girls helped me
we took a picture
went out to meet rashaad
worked well!
hung out
went to his taiko practice
got to beat the drums
at first just beat along simply
then mock beat the drum while they were learning a song
then the teacher encouraged me to actually beat the drum so i started to play along with them
i had the song pretty down by the end!
then on the way back stopped at the family mart to pick up a giant curry cup noodles
back to rashaads place
chatted and then went to bed

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