Day 39 – Haguro to Tokyo

got up at rashaads
headed to the bus
though i missed it but didn’t
went to the station
realized that in reserving the ticket the previous day, the person had stamped my rail pass for the 17th, so with a pen i secretly changed the seven to an eight and no one noticed for the whole day
took the train to nigata
magically the taiwanese people showed up!
nice to see them again
the coast was beautiful
said goodbye to the taiwanese people when switching trains in nigata
went on to tokyo
got in
a brief trip to the information booth to figure out how to get to this hostel i had found
went to the hostel
luckily they still had a room open
seized it
relaxed there for a while
openned up the map and started circling things like crazy
(went out to akihabara?)
after a while started chatting with people at the hostel
they were really cool so i decided to go out with the charlies the next morning for the fish market
also met a very cute israeli girl… hoping things happen with her – aviya
celebrated the first of my birthday by going out and buying beer from a vending machine. beer and sake
andrew bought me the sake
we came back and chatted til late
went to sleep

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