Day 40 – Birthday in Tokyo

It was my birthday!
I got up very very early in the morning
with two charlies I went to the Tsukiji fish market
we didn’t see the auctions
walked through warehouses
finally got to the market
all sorts of animals from the sea
many still alive
others very fresh
huge tuna
lots of fish
after that we went over to the sushi area near the market and ate sashimi
we talked to the people serving us, and i taught the charlies some japanese
had a beautiful bowl of raw meats, they were absolutely delicious
although a slimy mollusk almost made me gag
got on the subway and went back to the hostel
I had to pack up my things and leave my bags at the hostel
Researched a bit for other hotels, and after calling a few, found one on the other side of the city in Ikubukuro
headed out to there
dropped off my stuff in the room
headed out
I first headed down to the hachi-ko statue which is a small statue of a dog
then walked up shibuya to yoyogi park
beautiful park full of cool things
dog park
people practicing music and routines
couldn’t find a way out the top to get to the meiji shrine
had to walk to harajuko and then to the shrine
messed around the shrine for a bit, wasn’t so incredible
got on the subway and went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government towers
went to the north tower and looked out upon tokyo
went to the info booth to get a place for food
after deciding on a place, i walked all around shinjuku and couldn’t find it
finally went into some random noodle shop and got udon
checked a camera store and they didn’t have the camera part i wanted
took the subway to roppongi
started out walking to roppongi hills, but decided there was nothing there, then walked the other direction and saw a lot of people, but not as many as i expected
walked down some side alley and found a huge amount of expat bars
there was also some sort of festival with people dancing in a circle to music
after that i walked all the way to tokyo tower
the walk wasn’t worth it, but the tower was very cool
it was all lit up by the light
i didn’t have much time, so i got a ticket, and realizing the line to get onto the elevator was so long i left then
went back to the ninja hostel to meet up with friends i had made there
sat outside since i wasn’t allowed inside
we all went to dinner first at yoshinoyas
then went to Big Echo
sung all sorts of great songs
never gonna give you up
bohemian rhapsody
we are the champions
big butts
some cowboy bebop song
some other anime song
mr roboto
don’t stop believing
always look on the bright side of life
my way
no tiny dancer?
we left, and i realized i didn’t have much time before the trains closed
tried to take a train and only got to Shin-okachimachi before the train stopped, which was about 10 km from ikibukuro
so i decided to walk
walked and walked
it was a long walk
2.5 hours, probably more but I forgot to check my timer
got hit on by one prostitute
the rest of the journey wasn’t so interesting
just a large street
people in ikebukuro were kind of looking at me with puzzled face but i didn’t care
guy at hotel was being a bitch when i couldn’t remember my room number
went to bed

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