Day 41 – Tokyo – Tourist stuff

got up
met a guy in the hostel
he had to leave that day but we hung out
got cheap food somewhere, potstickers
we went to the station and he bought me the jr ticket because i had to go to the ATM to get money
walked around looking for an ATM
found one at the post office
we went back to the station and split ways
I went to the imperial palace on the train
got off and went to the main area, but it was closed off
started walking around the whole place, clockwise
could not find an entrance
finally got to the east gardens
it was a long walk
the gardens were semi interesting
there was part of the foundation of the original castle there, which was stupid i thought
the gardens themselves were kind of nice
and then i decided I didn’t want to go to the art museum since i was tired of walking
instead i walked an incredible distance to get to the JR station
found out i had lost my all day pass somewhere
so i got on the train to harajuku
harajuku was interesting
lots of fashioned up people
saw many lolitas
didn’t walk across the bridge but i could see from afar that there were cosplay people there
got two pizza slices at a pizza place and it was incredibly unsatisfying
guy hugging his mother in harajuku
went to starbucks and got a creme brulee coffee because it looked interesting but it didn’t taste like creme brulee at all
sat down somewhere
little kid dropped his ice cream behind me
i kept on telling him that it was going to be dirty (in english, knowing he didn’t understand), but he tried everything to pick it up. I think he was afraid of asking me to move aside to get it
finally reached behind me to pick it up and saw all the dirt on it and threw it back down
After I had enough of harajuko I went back to tokyo tower
this time i had the time to spend to wait in line
got up to the top
it was a pretty good view
took a lot of long exposure shots, just like on taipei 101, but there weren’t as many intersections so they weren’t as interesting
blurry shots were cool though
went back down and went back to the hostel
i got four kirin beers to drink, each of them different
i drank about three of them and labelled the last one with a marker while drunk and put it in the fridge (humorous marking)
talked with a spanish guy
and some guy from chicago who was hanging out with a french guy
the chicago guy was a bit obnoxious, but we all went out to find a club
we walked around ikebukuro but couldn’t find any place that had anything happening
it was kind of dead except for the guys dressed in suits trying to get people to go to gentlemens clubs
so after a while we just headed back and I went to sleep

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