Day 42 – Sumo Wrestling

I got up early and since I had to check out I stored my bags at the hotel’s bag storing place
packed the beer i had in the fridge into my day pack
today was sumo day and i was supposed to meet CS people at the sumo wrestling place
i took the train there and got there at a very reasonable hour
guy drumming
got to the ticket booth at exactly the time said to meet (8:30) but didn’t find anyone
went in
watched the preliminary battles
not many people at all
so I just chose a spot to sit and watched for a long time
some girls came and sat a few seats away from me
i eavesdropped on them for a while, then when they left i said i would look after their stuff
after a while i walked around the stadium
ate some kind of chicken rice bowl and a meat bun
went back to the seats and i took a nap on the chairs, kind of uncomfortable but it was perfect temperature for napping
i watched until i got a bit stale and went out myself to find some things
they gave me an invisible stamp for reentry
saw all sorts of sumo along the streets
got a can of coffee
and bought some beer with some onigiri
went to a park that was very near the stadium, kind of nice
guy taking photos of a skanky dressed woman posing on some shrine
went back to the stadium
found the girls had returned
they had bought me a beer present
so I gave them the tall can of beer I had bought in return!
and we started drinking and chatting
they were english teachers down in Kobe
jennifer, meredith, and the other girl who didn’t speak too much english
we watched some sumo matches
then went around the stadium, getting trinkets and they treated me to this sumo food dish which was very tasty
went to the seats and the matches started to get heated
by now a lot of people were there and the higher up matches were starting
like large clashes between giants
finishing move (fatality) scoreboard
really got exciting
then it was up to the last few matches and everyone was cheering and it was great
i had to switch my memory card at that point and i put it somewhere in my bag
after match we went out to the convenience store
the girls were going to tokyo tower
since i had been there the day before i decided to drop out
said goodbye to them, and we would meet again in kobe
i was a bit tired so i think i just went back to the hostel from there to figure out where i was staying for the night
i researched capsule hotels and thought i found out
went out in search of it, but instead found a manga kisa
returned for my bags and went to it
this place was very weird
personal room
rent 6 items
most porno
the room had a very comfortable chair
large screen television
a bed
3000 for 12 hours
the perfect little get away
total privacy
watched 20th century boys without subtitles
didn’t understand and spent most of my time on the internet
bought used panties
very interesting
then went to sleep

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