Day 43 – Manga Kisa to Asakusa and Ueno Park

I didn’t sleep too well because I kept on thinking about who had slept there before me
got up and reserved a hotel across the city in asakusa
headed out
got to the hotel
i must have gotten one of the last beds because some people later in the day tried to see if they had a spot and they didn’t
they first put me into a 4 bed mixed dorm, and i had to move to the 8 bed the next day in another building but whatever, i reserved the place for 6 nights
once i had put my stuff down i had to go out into the world because the room wasn’t ready
so i set out on my day
first went to asakusa since it was right there
tried to go to the asahi brewery but couldn’t find an entrance
went down to a small park
went back
ok whatever
then to nakamise, a major street
went to the big shrine they had there
saw a guy making soba noodles
got some ice cream
then went back to the hostel and put my stuff in my room and took a shower
walked to ueno park
lots of lotus leaves
had some kind of street stand food
getting dark
found a free concert and listened in for a while
pretty bad music i think
one song i liked
so then i headed back, think i took the train
at the hostel i had a beer or two with some people downstairs
did my laundry shirtless
talked to people there for a while
then headed up for sleep

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