Day 44 – MOMAT and other unique places

I got up in order to change rooms across the way
luckily i didn’t have to wait for the room to be ready, and i just headed over to the branch of the hostel
set down my stuff
then packed up and headed out
i bought the rail pass because i knew i would be using the subway a lot today
first went to the museum of modern art, tokyo
they had a paul gaougin exhibition going on
slowly walked through that, and i really didn’t understand what was so great about him. i mean there were lots of cool colors that he used in his paintings, and they were all dark, but… what?
the rest of the museum was more interesting
some art movements through japan, surprisingly looked similar to western paintings, or even better in some cases
wasn’t so impressed by the photography section
saw a piece i really liked… kind of impressionist involving posters on a dark alley being lit by this green lamp
from there i went to iidabashi because i heard you could see geisha there
walked up and down the main street and didn’t see anything
then went to nakano
took a little while to find but down a long shopping area was another shopping area
went up and down the floors there
lots of old toys
old stuff
cool things
bought a godzilla final wars book and one piece keychain
then headed to ikebukuro
went to nekobukuro
not as many cats as i hoped
a huge crowd too so you didn’t get much time with the cats
small room
but it was cute
after that i went to waseda, got on the tram, and rode that all the way to Minowa for only 160
got on the subway and went back to the smile
met some people there and we hung out a bit
then went to bed
stayed up because they were talking, but i didn’t want to tell them to be quieter

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