Day 45 – Various places

So I started the day not really knowing what to do.
I had posted something to facebook about godzilla the day before and cousin steve reminded me about the statue of godzilla in ginza
went there
asked a policeman godzilla wa doko deska
found it
took lots of pictures
then was looking at my map trying to decide what to do, and i decided to go to the Sapporo Beer Museum
went there
most of the exhibit was everything i’ve seen before
i was only interested in the tasting room
tried the four beer plate
interesting, but i didn’t like them as much as sapporo beer or kirin
i have found that, like my friend kobayashi, i like kirin beer the best
so i even got another classic drink, so i was nice and buzzed after that
so i decided to go to the Museum of Photography which was nearby
i think it was because i was drunk, but i completely understood and was affected by every photo i saw
only did one of the exhibits, and then thought that was enough
after that i found out i didn’t have my map with me
so i guess on a whim i went to tokyo station because i remembered finding a great info desk there
turns out the info desk was inside of the jr station, and you have to pay to get into there
so i looked around everywhere trying to find a map
went to ginza again
tried to find the apple store
looked all over and then right when i was about to give up i found it
i found out apple had released some new shiny toys, so i went to play around with them
went up the escalator that decided where you want to go
talked to an employee for a little while about what was new with things
Yusituko Shrine
but got there too late and it wasn’t open, so failed
i then decided on going to akihabara
looked for a computer
didn’t find it in the main center because they didn’t have any english oriented computers there
went to the second hand shop the guy pointed me to and found a very expensive one, so i didn’t want that one
went to a duty free store and found out those are best for finding computers
found a nice eee pc for 349, but i didn’t get it because i wanted to look around
didn’t really find one better than the one i found, but i decided to go back there later
i thought that it would be a good experience to go to a maid cafe
so i went to one
collected fliers
it was cute, but not great
i sat next to some weird french girl, and some really weird guy named mumu joined us
we were a strange bunch
i got a coffee and bear dessert
then i got some kind of sweet potato sake which was horrible
got suckered into taking a picture with the maids (i was told that all the maid would be in the picture, but it was a lie, just like the cake)
so me, marie and mumu left (after a really confusing round of figure out the check), they gave me the wrong price
we headed to an arcade
arcade was really interesting
mumu bought us ice cream, which was even creepier
then i left them and went back to the hostel

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