Day 46 – Nikko

decided to go to nikko
then went to the station just to find out that the ticket i had to buy was dispensed by the information center that opened later than the train I was expecting to catch, but that was alright.
waited for the place to open, while got mcdonalds coffee and hash brown thing
bought ticket, round trip that included buses
instructions on the ticket were perfectly easy to follow
got on the right bus, and headed out to the first drop off
there was a confused german (?) tourist who was following the same path as I, except he seemed to not really know exactly what he was doing
upon getting to the main section found hordes of school children
some school trip to the temples i suppose
the temples themselves seemed very interesting, but it was hard to enjoy them with all the other kids swarming around
I went around to each place, it was all condensed in a small area so I just walked
The main temple was under construction (one of those rules of travel), but the thing I liked about that was they kind of had an exhibition on how they were repairing the place, and you could watch the guys working on it
annoying spanish tourists
I went to this mausoleum for this famous guy who’s motto was “live simply” but oddly enough his grave was very elaborate with designs and stuff. I guess his motto should have continued “live simply, die elaborately”
cool water stream
went to get ramen
souvener shop filled with little children, so went to another
couldn’t find postcard
went to a few
finally went to the crowded one, settled on a small set for cheaper
then caught the bus to the bridge
bridge was pretty much just a bridge
then walked back to the station
the town was very tourist oriented… meh
I couldn’t find much else to do
decided to go back
caught the wrong train
luckily didn’t get caught
I think I chilled for the rest of the day
went to the 100 yen shop to buy ingredients for omelets

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