Day 47 – Harajuko and Shinjuku with Aviya

when i woke up i made myself an amazing omelet
went out to meet aviya at keijo
went to the 7-11 we agreed to meet at
waited for 30 minutes
went and found a wifi hotspot and emailed her
found out she was there, just in the wrong spot
we walked around the area
second hand shops
old cd store with 100 yen cds, spice girls, ace of base
cool shop playing the ventures and had some cool old clothing
got on the train, but accidentally got on the subway
went back to get the train
train to harajuko
walked all around harajuko with aviya telling me what the styles were
got crepes
went into various shops
then went to yoyogi park
sat down
bad babysitters
people practicing comedy
walked down a ways
tap dancers
walked more
people practicing a dance for some festival
dog park
fuzzy husky
walked back to station
decided to go to shinjuku for fashion
went to moira? some high class fashion store with many levels
went to all the floors
repeated this process at another building
saw some very interesting styles, goth, loli, punk, etc
got a great flyer that showed the different brands
found a really nice bear hat I wanted, but didn’t want to pay a million dollars for it
(also saw some nice boots in harajuko that looked apocalyptic, wanted those too)
the whole time we were talking fashion, which i’ve never really done in that depth before, it was very interesting
so after that we decided to get some food
hard to find since she was vegetarian
had some sushi… it was alright
perfect store thought
sat somewhere to talk
i was so attracted to her, and i thought i got the impression she was sending me some signals, but went in for a kiss when it seemed appropriate and fail
decided to go back
met her dad at ueno station
got yoshinoya
walked back, their hotel was halfway back to my hostel
her dad bought me mcdonalds ice cream
i went back to the hostel
chatted with some people
then went to bed

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