Day 48 – Tokyo Game Show and Odaiba

Slept in
I got up and made myself another omelet
got on the train to the tokyo game show
got off at the wrong stop, thought it was a bit weird
walked around trying to find the place
a bit confused
followed some guy to some other event
kept on walking in a direction that i saw a sign say the name of the convention center
walked about a mile or two
finally found the place
tried to find an ATM
after a long time finally found one at citibank
got into the convention
tons of people
walked around to each booth
different but similar to macworld
booth babes
lots of games to try but didn’t try any
ff xiii
negro install
square enix merchandise
no nintendo?
gundam head
watched a lot of people playing games
bought some stupid little snack
on way back decided to go to odaiba
went to the station and switched to the private line
very cool over the bridge
got off at the first station across the bridge
walked along the beach
walked through the island
took pictures of stuff
statue of liberty
the future museum was closed
went to the ferris wheel area
toyota car exhibit
arcade, tried money in some stick hole game
back to the hostel and got food somewhere
was this the day? tried whale!

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