Day 49 – Lazy Day

decided not to do anything today
made the last of the eggs into an omelet and shared it with a guy from london
he made me coffee in a polite exchange
drank a whole carton of apple juice
had to switch hostel buildings
went out to reserve studio ghibli tickets
problem was that i either had to go that day or the day after tomorrow
bought the ones for the day after tomorrow because i had decided not to do anything that day
stomach was feeling bad, tried to walk it off
went back to the hostel and spent some time in the restroom
then went to the lobby
talked with phaedron
norway came along
we all went out to asakusa
walked around
got a little bit of food
teriyaki rice cake balls
couldn’t finish them
after walking for a while we split up
phaedron and i went back to the hostel
hung out there some more
i tried to catch up on my journal
ended up talking to some people
looked up a lot of things online
I don’t really remember how the night ended

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