Day 54 – Kanazawa

got up, but stayed in bed sleeping in
got up, got some coffee
planned day
instead of going to onsen
headed out
walked along quiet nice river
went into samurai houses district
old merchant house
walked a bit more through the samurai district
went to an international festival
got naan and pearl milk tea and saw some taiko drumming
went to 21st century modern art museum
really cool stuff
big festive quilt, looked different in personality from either side
pool illusion
then went to omicho again
got some unagi
went back to the hostel
stored it in the refrigerator
then went to the post office
sent off some souveniers
walked up the city to another district with old houses
tried to get to the confectionary museum but no one was there
went to the tawaraya candy store
tried some stuff
very different tasting candy
bought some lollipops
went back to the hostel
went to the supermarket
got some kind of stir fry
came back to the hostel
cooked with rice
wrote a bit in my journal
misaki showed me how to do zasen meditation
went to the public bath
came back
went to bed

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