Day 56 – Osaka

arrived in Osaka by bus
went to the hotel
checked in and dropped off my bags
got map and circled things
went out
tried walking to the castle via nippombashi as to get tickets for bunrako theater
got tired so took subway
the bunrako theater was closed until november, so no puppet theater
walked around dotombori because it was close
accidentally went into love hotel district
santa claus hotel
takoyaki, bleh
got onto JR train
went to osaka castle
walked to the castle, it was huge
didn’t go in because I didn’t want to pay, besides the castle was more impressive to look at from the outside
walked back to JR station
took train to kobe
cheaper to stop at osaka station?
got to kobe fairly early
picked up a piece of bread to eat and walked around
went to post office and sent a postcard to maryann, but it cost more than I was anticipating because I taped it
went to art exhibit
really cool
3d shadow
mirror with lights room
strange exhibits set up in freight containers
festival with colors flying everywhere, confetti with fans
tunnel with light up squigglie things
very cool
then went to hotel to meet hashimoto san
he was wearing a cowboy hat, which is kind of the type of person he is
he was really a great funny guy, i can see why my grandfather became friends with him
we planned out the next few days and then got a buffet dinner
loaded up my plate with all sorts of different japanese foods
very tasty
then we parted and I went back to the hotel
met yet another guy from north carolina and a guy from england
chatted for just a little while then went to sleep

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