Day 57 – Kyoto

got up to meet shogo at the station at 10
went to kyoto
we got into a taxi
for the whole day we took the taxi all around kyoto
saw all the different major temples
started with the biggest temple in all the world (supposedly?)
then the golden temple on the water
lots of tourists, so again kind of ruined the experience
went to the mizu temple
famous stream that people were drinking from, but i didn’t want it
picked up the lost sole (shoe sole)
and the mushi temple with crickets
went to a wonderful soba lunch at a great japanese restaurant
went to some other places
rock garden (not very zenful because of the tourists)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fill in?
then after finished sightseeing, we went back to the station
separated and went back to hotel
dinner… was… what?
no one there that night
relaxed and watched japanese tv

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