Day 58 – Nara

got up to meet hashimoto at the station again
went to the wrong B1
anyhow, met up with shogo-san and masako-san
we took the train to nara
got in a taxi and took that around again
went to… twin pagoda temple
daibutsu, huge buddha
gigantic temple, largest wooden structure in the world
lots of deer, they knew “thank you”, fed them crackers
lots of school children again
very old old temple, with interesting small stone graves
hit long sounding bell
went to a really interesting traditional japanese lunch in a grove
very beautiful
lots of great food
went to a few more places
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fill in!
temple on hill, went up on the roof where they have a festival where they pour embers off of the roof

After done with Nara, we went back to Osaka
went out to dinner at a mini bbq place
tons of small little foods
great taste
after dinner we separated and i went back to the hotel
met Gareth, guy from england who had been traveling for past 5 months
he was very cool
bought beers together and talked for a while
he fell asleep, i went out because i wasn’t tired just yet
went to nearby place to drink
old man and i “talked”
then went back to the hotel and slept

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