Day 59 – Osaka – Ramen and Observatory

got up and gareth had to check out, but i told him I was going to the ramen museum and he wanted to go with me
tried to make a reservation but telephone cut out because pay phone that didn’t show me how much time was left
went out, got some food at a convenience store because couldn’t find supermarket
got on train to osaka station
got on hankyu takarazaku line to ikeda
got off train
100 yen shop for a little bit
got to museum
took pictures of ourselves with momofuke statue
went into museum
found out workshop was full
woman came after us to tell us it wasn’t full, so we put our names down
went through museum with english guides
it was incredibly awesome
tons of ramen boxes
really hilarious video with colonel sanders looking momofuke guy and the english dub voice was a southern accent
similar to the heiniken experience but without the moving chairs
saw space ramen (Space Ram)
saw the tasting room
went upstairs to the workshop
made the ramen
flour and egg
folded and pressed
put it through machine to press it
fold fold fold ten times
then put it through the machine to thin it out
then put it through the machine to cut it into strings, while cutting it with a scissors
then it was steam cooked
then we added some flavoring
then we put it into a fryer
ramen onsen
lots of oil
we think everyone is robots
then we got to decorate our ramen bags
mine was a godzilla
then we put them into the bags
we even got to keep our bandanas! that was cool
went down to tasting room and had a lot of different foods
then we went to the other workshop station, less intricate
decorated cup
ramen punch (nandeyone!)
then left museum
went back to osaka station
wanted to go to the observatory tower for gareth to take pictures
walked towards it, found a cool spot that saw the tower
stayed there a while
he took a time lapse photography
i was running out of batteries
stupid 100 yen shop batteries didn’t do crap
went to observatory
had to jump the fence
then went up building
at the top we tried to figure out the best spot to take pictures
by the way we were wearing our bandanas which got a lot of attention
gareth set up and we spent a long time there
met a malaysian guy
we finished taking the time lapse photography
went to get a beer and some dinner with malaysian guy
had a good time
helped gareth find his bus (a little difficult)
we all parted
then i went back to the hotel

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