Day 60 – Hiroshima and Miyajima

went to shikansen shin-osaka station to meet hashimoto
got on shikansen, veeeery fast, faster than the others
arrived in hiroshima
put luggage in lockers
took taxi to main museum
walked around the museum, very serious, very sad
they had some models of people walking around with skin melting, and it was very graphic
after museum walked around the area, seeing the various memorial statues
saw large dome building that had remained standing
while viewing, i thought a lot about how the city was a very unique situation in terms of sociology
it is kind of the newest, and last city in the world
most everyone who was there had moved there, filling in a void
not really any place like that since the west
went to get okonomiyaki
absolutely delicious and fantastic food, kind of like an advanced omelet
went to somewhere…
station, picked up baggage, took train to miyajima
dropped things off at hotel
then went to see the floating tori
saw a small museum
walked around
ice cream
then went back to the hotel
had dinner
dinner was another traditional japanese dinner, fantastic
after that
went to taiko drum show, cool part with neon lit demon masks
i was picked out as the only foreigner in the audience
got a rice paddle?
after the show put on yukata
went out with geta shoes and walked around the torch lit area with shogo
tori was lit up
went back to the hotel
went to my room
went through bag picking out unnecessary weight
went to sleep

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