Day 60 – Miyajima and Iwakuni

woke up and had a buffet breakfast
went to cable car up mountain
great view
beautiful prehistoric forest
walked a kilometer to a temple with a fire that supposedly hasn’t gone out in few centuries
hashimoto really had a work out
walked back
went back down gondola
left miyajima
got on train for iwakuni
took bus to big bridge
got a really meh lunch at a nearby hotel
went over bridge
three humps on the bridge
went to white snake museum, shiro hebi
shiro neko
went up another cable car
walked to castle
this castle was a little bit more interesting than hirosaki’s
bigger museum
had pictures of all the castles in japan, they all looked pretty much the same
got to the top and it had a great view of the area
went back down
took a taxi to the shinkansen station
took the shikansen back to osaka
shogo insisted he pay for a hotel for me
apa hotel
checked in and said goodbye, arranged to meet later
i wanted to go out and maybe go to a bar, but couldn’t find a cheap one
got some ramen (really just getting a bowl to eat my other ramen, but it was cheaper to buy some more ramen in a bowl than to buy a bowl)
back to hotel, ate two bowls of ramen, sake, beer, and roll of cookies

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