Day 6 – Barcelona to Girona

Breakfast at La Pallaresa, the place the bartenderess recommended
pretty good crema catalunya
took the metro to Barcelonita
Saw place where my bag was stolen and phone booth I used to phone police
Walked down the beach
Saw fish statue
Got metro back to room
Got bags and went to marketplace
walked around marketplace
got sandwiches
good photos
train station
got on train to girona
walked to tourist information
went to nearby hostel and it was fine
put our stuff down and went back out
walked around the streets of the old town
walked to wall of city
tons of kids
good view
walked up to top of some tower
people carrying dog down the stairs
sadly hilarious
really amazing view with light rays on the city
walked down to the main cathedral
we were really hungry so made that our next priority
bridge photos
found a nice place and had three amazing dishes for a quite reasonable price
very friendly waiter (gay?)
then got gelato
walked around a bit more
went back to the hostel
went back out
anthony got a new jacket at some fashion store
girls who were raising money for red cross talked to us
told me I was like frodo
magic fountain! not
went to wine and cheese restaurant
great cheese of all varieties, okay wine
really hungry late at night so got shwarma next door also
creepy guy watching television in the hostel
played ping pong and cards
no one else was really social in the hostel

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