Day 7 – Girona, Figueres, Night train to Madrid

breakfast at the hostel
left bags at the hostel
walked around girona some more
some more photos
train to figueres
walked from station to dali museum area following other tourists
through market
stopped at local coffee shop
really good coffee
chess sets but no one playing
dali museum
way too many people, and way too much eurotrash
disrespectful kids
some really cool art, some really odd art
jewelry museum next
walked around
found a really great place for food
decorated a lot
went back to train
got next train back to girona
had lots of time
went to cinema museum
pretty cool things on display, including dick tracy’s hat, TMNT mask, and Leto’s robe from the Dune movie
walked more around Girona getting more photos
Really windy and cold
got our bags
Sat in a chocolate store drinking chocolate and beers
got some tapas there
got more tapas elsewhere
got on night train to madrid
shared compartment with some African man
I couldn’t really understand him that well
kind of uncomfortable but I was used to it, Derrick and Anthony weren’t
Met Jodi from Oregon
talked to her in the food car
had some toast
after talking to jodi for forever, went to bed

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