Day 9 – Lisbon

Decided to go on Sintra tour
free breakfast
headed out with mustachioed guy who looked like a character in a Wes Anderson film
First to Sintra
Castle park
Unfamiliar one
Walked around more outdoors like place
Pretty nice
Lots of nice flowers
Good view of entire area
Walked down to pond
dead frogs and geese
Castle was disney like
to the van
lunch in main downtown area
cherry shots with chocolate
playing around with taking photos
then to other park mansion
familiar one
took others on tour
nice and familiar
really great to go back there…
afterwards returned
went to western most part of continental europe
feeling a little down for some reason
great colors of things
went back
ice cream
another stop just to hang out
and then back to the hostel
dinner at seafood place in backstreets
coffee place again

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