Day 10 – Lisbon to Porto

Up and headed to Belem
Got instructions on how to get there
walked to train station, bought tickets
got on trolley to Belem
went to Pasteis de Belem, delicious
walked to first monument (columbus?)
Walked to second monument (castle in water are)
Didn’t go in because didn’t think it was worth it
Walked back to the trolley
Went back to Lisbon
Walked up to the fort/castle
Enjoyed the view, walked around
Like I remembered
had lunch at cafe, terrible, anthony and derrick had some kind of quishe and I had some small pastry
left back to the hostel
picked up bags and headed to train station
long walk but made it
got train to Porto
Nice sunset
Got off at the wrong stop
got back on the train
got to porto
walked to hostel place
first hostel was booked
second hostel (the one we originally wanted to go to) was good
got a top top floor room
bed was wet?
headed out for dinner
omg amazing, changed our lives
went for wine and dessert in main plaza area
funny wine waiter guy
back and to sleep

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