Day 11 – Porto Day 1

Went to famous bookstore
not so impressive, but still quite nice
crowded with tourists
Breakfast near main square
pasteis and coffee
Walked down to riverside
very nice, beautiful old buildings
motorcycle race?
walked down riverside
passed by fashion show, decided to check it out later
continued walking
walked up to weird building park, dome with portholes around it
school fields of education exhibit inside, people demonstrating different cool things in their fields
went to oddly shaped music museum, comet thing
skate punks
sat around
walked back to riverside
brief trip into trolley museum but didn’t actually go in
went to fashion show
managed to sneak our way in, very cool
waited around looking at weirdly dressed people
I was definitely not dressed for the occasion, somewhat amusing, cheap clothes
went in
saw the shoes show
finished, hung around a little and then left
walked back to the hotel
went out trying to find famous francesinha, when we got there we were just too late to get in
got directions to two other famous places, went there
played the wait list line for the two restaurants, settled on which ever we got in first
delicious again
walked back to our area
ice cream
ice cream defeated derrick
back to the hostel
went out to bar area, chaotic, walked around but didn’t get anything. insane
hung out with derrick until he needed to leave

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