Day 12 – Porto Day 2

Breakfast behind hostel
playing Queen
Headed to caves
Amazing view from bridge
walked across, up to hill, more photos
Walked down a bit toward port distilleries
Walked into Taylors, looked good enough
Waited for next tour while sipping port
Really relaxing room, very good port
Fuzzy chicken
Old books
Tent ceiling
Took tour, fascinating
Very enjoyable
They didn’t ship to the states so we tried to figure out who sold them
Went down to the riverside
Ate some tripe for lunch, not that good. I didn’t like the texture
Took photos
Signed up for the Sandeman tour
Tour was a lot more commercial
Had to pay
Much larger, corporate company
When had tasting, clearly wasn’t as good as Taylors, and cost a bit more in fact
Left, heading back to hostel
Bought tickets to Tunes
Withdrew money from “Deutsche Bank” (operated by another bank but after complaining to BofA they rescinded charge)
Also bought tickets online for bus from Lagos to Cordoba
Went back to famous Francesinha place but it was closed :(((
Walked around and eventually got fish for dinner. Or was it? Anthony had fish, I had something I don’t remember.
Great sunset

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