Day 16 – Lagos Day 3

Decided to go explore the abandoned houses on the hills
got breakfast/lunch at cafe odeon
wrap, and some kind of shake (beer shake?)
went back to hill area
started down path
surprisingly well traveled and easy to get to abandoned houses
went from house to house
taking photos
found shotgun shells
some good graffiti, some bad
very chill dog guard, but didn’t see him until i was right next to him
blue place
went to every place
surprised by some kind of animal
walk along the cliffs
came back
stopped at supermarket for soap, crackers, etc
went back for pasteis
hung out at the hostel
I think i tried taking a nap
A little bit of rain
went back out and had chinese for dinner
pretty damn good chinese food
back to hostel and of course can’t remember the night, but probably drank

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