Day 18 – Lagos to Cordoba

Got up early
Walked through the rain to get to the bus station
Gave map to these guys just getting there
Waited at the bus station, very tired, a bit hungover
The bus ride was very pleasant. Fell in and out of consciousness
Nice cities that we passed by
Bus to Seville
Got off bus, had difficulty finding directions to the train station
got on another bus
Made the train
Got into the station
Walked from the station down the park to the hostel
Checked in. HI so kind of sterile…
But had a nice view
Got some “Lunch” whatever that means
Went out and walked around
Checked out the cathedral area
Went to square and got Oxtail, which was delicious (Anthony had paella)
went to the supermarket and got some supplies
Went to get frozen yogurt at Smooy
Saw a few processions around
Nice sunset
Went out to see some Semana Santa ceremony
Very religious, not festive at all
People singing and some woman shouting in Spanish
Band playing, kids being disrespectful
After a while we left
Walked down to the Roman Bridge
very nice looking at night
We were tired so went back to the hostel and slept

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