Day 19 – Cordoba

Got up and got breakfast
Anthony came down at 9, but they said breakfast was closed, weird, it was supposed to close at 10
Anyhow, got some directions, headed out
went to tourist information center, they weren’t helpful at all
Walked around jewish quarter a bit
Walked around old city a bit
Went to the Inquisition museum, which was full of all sorts of torture devices. And as much as I wanted to think about it in a historical context, I couldn’t help think about how people these days use these devices as sexual fetishes
Went to main church/mosque area
Some religious ceremony in progress
Weird lulav like shakers and people with olive branches
Priests walking to the gateway, saying some words, making some blessings, then walked back
We weren’t allowed in the church, didn’t know why, guy was really mean
He let other people in but not us? Why? I have no idea… That got me really pissed off
I didn’t like cordoba
Went to the jardinez de alcazar
walked around the gardens, it was nice and pleasant but to go up to the towers was excruciatingly painful because of so many people we had to wait for going up and down narrow stairs
Got some nice shots of flowers
Roman bridge
Couldn’t get to the waterwheel
Walked around more
Went to the San Francisco area
Then found the Roman Pillars
Behind a lot of construction and fences, not interesting
Went to the roman bath house, even more unimpressive and somewhat neglected too
Went to the main square and decided to wait for the Semana Santa festival
Got ice cream
The festival was not really a festival…
it wasn’t even a parade
it was a procession. Really solemn faces. In KKK like hoods
Religious floats being carried
Between them there were bands and kids in KKK costumes holding giant candles
It was… really boring
Across the way there was a beautiful woman who I snuck glances at, but she turned out to be married with a kid.
Stayed there for three hours
Left, but almost impossible to get back because the procession was throughout the city
Once we got back to the main church there were all sorts of people hanging out
We found a churro cart
DELICIOUS churros with chocolate sauce
Ended the day

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