Day 20 – Cordoba to Granada

Got up at a good hour
Had breakfast
Found out where the Barclays ATM was
Packed and headed out
Anthony forgot something so he had to go back and get it, that was ok since we were ahead on time
Stopped at the ATM on the way to the station
Almost at the station when we saw a clock…
It was strange since it looked like a pretty important clock, but according to our time it was running an hour ahead
That’s when we realized we had spent the past two days in Spain on a completely different time zone, thinking it was an hour behind, which is why Anthony was rejected from breakfast
So we ended up being 30 minutes late for a train that we were going to be 30 minutes early to
Anyhow, since we missed the train we found a bus that was leaving not too much later
Sat around, had some lunch, walked around some park area in the north of the city
Finally got on the bus
Made our way to Granada
Beautiful countryside, filled with green and olive trees
Really fantastic cities on the way. Maybe it was a good thing we took the bus.
Got into Granada
Got conned into buying a map for a Euro
Took the bus to our hostel
Really amazing nice place, friendly woman who was managing the desk
Gave us a good map and explained exactly where to go and what to do
Learned that we had to reserve tickets for the Alhambra, so put it on our to do list
It was a bit cloudy but we headed out anyway
Walked up the hill
Started raining so we purchased cheap umbrellas
Since we couldn’t reserve tickets decided to get up early and do it the next day
walked up to the st nicolas viewpoint
Very cloudy view of the castle
Not so great
Lots of tourists
Tried to find nearby tapas
found an amazing place
Had Fried Eggplant, made like french fries and doused in honey. it was absolutely amazing
and the other food was also good.
Walked around the hill area
Tried to get up to a lookout point
Found a great place
Stayed there for a while watching the sun set over Granada
Got some great photos
Even a rainbow
Walked over to the flamenco club area
They couldn’t take us that night so we made reservations for the next day
Went back to the hostel
Decided instead of going out we would take advantage of their kitchen and make some pasta
Met our friend Tim from Florida
Went and got spaghetti
Made spaghetti and wine
Somehow afterwards I think … did we do something? I can’t remember

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