Day 21 – Granada

Woke up way too early and headed to the bus station. Got the bus along with other tourists and we headed up the windy road towards the Alhambra ticket office. When we got there the line was already very very long.

met couple, south africa and italy
can’t remember names
got coffee
waited for a long time
finally got tickets for the afternoon
split up
anthony and i walked back down
explored the cathedral area
tourist market area
water fountain
coffee and croissant, funny guy tried to charge me too much
walked around back streets
walked back up to the alhambra area
went into carmen garden place
very pleasant garden
walked up and over hill with olive trees
walked to viewpoint and took some photos
came back towards the castle and had lunch in the cheapest place we could find
horrible food
brought out my pizza first, i almost finished it before they brought out anthony’s food
met up with couple again
explored the alhambra
first the generalife
and then the alhambra
very nicely decorated…
intricate design work
started to rain a bit
said goodbye to couple
finished touring the place, getting a bit miserable because of the rain
walked back to the hostel through the rain
went to grocery store and got dinner
made spaghetti with Tim
very cheap
drank a whole bunch of wine
went to flamenco
walked fast and made it just before they started
really interesting, but different than my experience in 2007 in madrid
Afterwards headed back and then to bed

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