Finished Basic Site Conversion

Well I’ve transfered over all the messy things, and even chiseled out some looks to the main page (or rather just kind of did a fusion/child-theme of the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme, which I’ve found is a lot easier than writing everything back from scratch.

Anyhow, the travel site has the following things on the to do list:

  • Add links from the country pages to my photo site
  • Add country pages for European countries
  • Start forming a travel blog on this site, fill it in with the outlines (for now)
  • Go back and convert trip outlines to actual written out posts
  • Create and start work on Alaska 2013 travel page
  • Take a photo of the map I keep of everywhere I’ve been in the world
  • Ooooo might be nice to throw featured images as header pieces…

So as you can see, many things to be done. But I also want to get my other sites (Business and Projects) up and running as well. I’ve already gotten my photography site pretty much to where I want it… might be a little too narrow for my tastes actually.

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