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Day 42 – Albuquerque

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

At this point in recording the trip, I somewhat gave up the outline responsibilities and left the journaling to my dad, only putting a few additions onto his records. So here was his interpretation of this day:

Thurs, 15 Jul Very warm with afternoon thunderstorm buildup.

Ben and I drive to Albuquerque and wait for Carol to come in tomorrow. 
We slept in somewhat and got on I-24 North shortly before 10. We stopped at IHOP in Los Cruses and had brunch before Ben took over and drive to Albuquerque. We checked in at the Airport LaQuinta at 3 p.m. and rested a bit. The LaQuinta had a free high speed internet so Ben went online immediately and started talking to his friends and catching up on his blog.
Ben and I went over to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and had two hours to look at the Museum which I found fascinating because it had exhibits of each Pueblo Indian tribe, their art and culture. Ben checked out the gift store but I didn’t have a chance (or I would have bought some CDs).
The we drove to the ‘old town’ to look around and found museum row, the Natural History Museum, the Atomic Museum, the . . . We stopped for dinner at a heavily advertised Mexican Restaurant, Little Anita’s (very tourist). Just as we were leaving a thunder storm started dumping, we waited for a break and got to the car but it rained heavily all the way back to the LaQuinta. From our third story place we watched the thunder cloud dump downtown Albuquerque while we experienced a microburst with high winds and rain.

My additions to his records were:
At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center we watched film of a woman making black clay pots, which I thought was very cool. And Dad spent a whole lot more time really soaking in the museum than I did. As my usual museum habit, I just grazed over the visual stuff and didn’t read into the details. I’ve never been very huge into the dynamics of museums.