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Day 55 – Baltic Sea

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-29 ——

This was a day on the ferry. We got up and Mode played more Sam and Max while I worked on the journal. We spent most of the day in the disco lounge area listening to bad music and playing the game. I took a nap.

Finally Mode finished the game with minimal hints from me. He had trouble trying to use the wrench on the fish statue, and also how to get the severed hand of Jesse James. Tricky puzzles.

I went to look for some food but couldn’t find much, and on the main desk there were three remaining sandwiches which we got. Hung out with three people who have vanished from my memory: Olga, Sven, and Franswah. We played hearts, walked up to the deck to chill, and then retired.