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Day 39 – Ferry to Barcelona

I’ve had a bit of rest back in Boston now. I’m about 50 days behind on the journal, but all of the days are completely outlined so I just need to expand them all. This might take a complete month to finish, but I will attempt to remember as many details as I can from all the stories.

Where was I. We got onto a ferry from Civitavechia in Italy to Barcelona. This day was a bit eventful.

I woke up on the ferry several times and was having a lousy sleep on the row of chairs I had seized for myself. Finally I got up and walked around the boat. I went up to the top deck and it was absolutely windy beyond belief. I really had to struggle to walk because the wind was so forceful. It was a bit fun too. Almost pushed me into some walls.

I went and got a crossaint, which was terrible, and took my computer to the lounge where I relaxed and updated the journal a bit. Mode joined me and we decided we were really hungry so we went around the boat looking for food. At the bar they only had two sandwiches left, and so we decided to get them. This is what I later remembered as the absolute worst moment of the trip. I say this not because something terrible happened, but because this was the absolute worst meal I have ever had. It was a panini (italian for sandwich), which had tough condensed manufactured bread, a piece of cold cheese, and a piece of raw ham (?) meat. They had “toasted” the sandwich, but by toasted I mean they put it in a microwave until the very edges of the cheese were slightly melted. Despite this effort, the sandwich was cold as a 7-11 slurpee made in Antarctica. It tasted absolutely terrible, but we were so hungry that we ate it anyway. I usually have the saying that “hunger is the best spice”, but that spice was not enough to mask the absolute horror which was that sandwich.

Enough about that, we landed! And walked to the hostel we had reserved. Now in prior planning, we had accidentally assumed that the ferry ride would not be a complete day. When leaving Cinque Terre, we realized this, but were unable to contact the hostel we were going to so to tell them we were going to miss our first day. This was a mistake. When we got to our hostel (which luckily wasn’t too far from the port, even though we had a bit of difficulty finding it), we found they had cancelled our reservation because we missed the first day! So suddenly we were homeless in Barcelona. Abandoned and hopeful, we set off looking for other hostels. Found one with some room, but it seemed really really sketchy. Then I looked in the Let’s Go recommendations (the book we were using), and they suggested the Hostel Levante. We went there and luckily they had something available! It was an apartment outside of the hostel, but it turned out to be really nice! We were pretty excited about it all, and I started to do laundry and Mode started to take a shower…

And then the lights went out. The power was suddenly cut from the room. Damn. So Mode got dressed and out and we walked all the way back to the hostel to ask what was up. They said we just had to reset the circuit breaker, and they loaned us a candle to find it. Came back and did that and everything worked again. So I worked a bit on updating the journal while Mode finished his shower and stuff. Then we went out for food.

Because we had had such a terrible meal on the ship, I decided we needed something amazing, despite costs. We went the the Plaza Reina (?) and found the recommended “Les Quinze Nutz”. That isn’t its real name, but it was something very similar. Now because of our tragic experience prior, this turned out to be some of the most amazing food ever. I think I got a very nice lamb dish, and I can’t remember what Mode had. We washed it down with the delicious local ambrosia known as Sangria, and were satisfied.

Afterwards we went over to the square to chill out. There were guys going around selling beer by cans, which I thought was a genius crap job, though very illegal and sketchy. So we were hanging out by this lamp post and all of a sudden some girls sitting on the center fountain motioned for us to come over. I looked around behind us but there wasn’t anyone there, so they must have meant us. So got up and went over there, and with a bit of difficult communication, they explained that this one girl thought I was cute, and wanted to know if I could be her boyfriend for 3 or 4 nights.

… Well that’s never happened before, and it was the easiest chase I’d ever made to get a girlfriend considering I didn’t even have to. I agreed, she seemed to be cute and alright, and it was a done deal. Suddenly I was in a “relationship” with a girl named Michela. They were some girls from Rome Italy actually, so I could practice my Italian with them too. We hung out for a while, decided on where to have our first date the next day, and Mode and I went back to the apartment to sleep.

Day 42 – Barcelona

Started the day chilling at the Sant Jordi Hostel. We went up onto the roof and talked about dreams we had and what not. I apparently had a dream about some weird bird in fruit juice. And Mode had a dream about the devil and his rivalry with him.

We went out to buy some food and made some amazing spaghetti with wine and I think we had a meat sauce. Sat around some more enjoying our meal, and could not finish it by any means. Then we headed out to see the Magic Fountain, which I had heard about from the guys in Dublin. Got there by subway and got a good seat. Met a girl from North Carolina and talked about music and what not. Her favorite band was Fleetwood Mac I think. Anyhow, the fountain show was really cool with all sorts of lights and music and special water effects. It started to get really crowded too and people were piling all over the steps.

We then headed to the Plaza we liked so much, Reale? Something like that. We found another Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra poster in much better condition which I put into my bag. Then got some drinks at Glacier, which were pretty good. Then met up with Micela, and mode split off for his own adventure.

Went back to her hostel briefly and met her friends. We all hung out and I think we played some cards. Then started walking out to the beach. One of Micela’s friends then called and said she got her stuff stolen, and so we sidetracked to the police station. Since I was over 18 I could act as someone to confirm their story, so I did. Then we went back to her place to sort out the deal. Finally Micela and I headed out to the beach for her friends to meet up with us later. The next day got a bit interesting…

Day 4 – Plane to Barcelona

Plane got to LHR late
Had to change tickets
Got the 2:05 flight
Wifi search and Ham sandwich – tasted like depression
used computer store for internet
got on plane
slept most of the way
got off plane
wifi search
converted money
shuttle (totally did not think about a bus or train)
got to place
left note for Anthony
walked around
finally got wifi
Plaza Rieal
Paella and Sangria
walked arund
loud parties outside (st patricks?)

Day 5 – Barcelona Day 1

Got up late
Breakfast at cafe
bad croissant
vending supermarket
Sagrada Cathedral
Walked to hospital
Tapas lunch – anchovies, octopi, etc –
Gaudii Park
metro to Paral-lel
Wrong stop
Walked to Magic fountain
Only Fri-Sat
sat around
Metro back
put stuff down
headed out to dinner
couldn’t find place
walked in huge circle
found right where we started the circle
Taverna Basca Irati
Walked around finding other bar
Bar next door to plan
nice bar lady owner gave us recommendations for crema catalan