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Day 17 – Burlingham

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-26 ——

Woke up in our sex hotel room and drove off through Montréal. Had a hell of a time trying to get out of the city, and we kept on getting lost. But finally made it South and went over the border. A nice guy from Denver interrogated us and they didn’t even check the car (even though we were bringing an orange or some kind of fruit from breakfast over the border).

We made our way down through Vermont and stopped in Burlingham. It was a very cute capital city with a quiet small main street. We walked down it to the wharf and took some photos. Walked back up the street and spotted a Brazilian food restaurant. I don’t think I had ever had Brazilian food before, so this was quite the experience. A cute waitress brought us all these meats and tropical fruits on a platter, and we ate. And they brought out more. And more. There was tons and tons of food, and it was all delectable. Filled up in our stomachs we headed off to Boston.

Went down through Vermont and New Hampshire and eventually made it to Boston. I had family friends in Topsfield, the Carrolls. Found their house in the woods and finally got to relax. They were having a small get together that we were too exhausted to partake in much, but we had a nice conversation with them and enjoyed talking to “grandma” (that’s what she had us call her).

Before going to bed I finished Aesop’s Fables, and then had a well deserved sleep.