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Day 48 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Today I headed off to San Diego. I said bye to Nate and Elloise and started to drive across highway 8 wearing an undershirt and glasses, listening to my music. It was a very long trip and I had to fill up the car twice. The area I drove through was very deserted, but kind of nice and reminded me of Roadrunner cartoons. At one point I noticed some paper thing stuck to the wheel of the car.

The objective was to make it to San Diego to see Comic Con 2004. Sean – poor Sean – decided he really wanted to go to Comic Con, and also felt bad about abandoning me on the trip, so he was to fly down to San Diego and finish the trip with me. What a good guy!

The drive, which was supposed to be 6 hours, ended up being 4-5 hours, and I got to the hostel in La Jolla without issues. I relaxed for a bit before discovering that there was a preview night for Comic Con happening. I drove downtown and found some magic parking spaces, and got in line with people from Florida and a true comic book nerd. I got my badge and then had to leave.

I went to the airport to pick up Sean, of whom bad luck had struck again. They lost his bags on the flight. Well anyhow, we went back to the hostel and dropped our stuff off. I ate some raw pasta and watched people play pictionary at the hostel before going to bed.

I probably had a bit of trouble getting to sleep because I wrote:
and lots of noise

Day 49 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Alright, up and showered (unlike many convention attendees) and drove off to the convention center. Parked in a garage. Walked to the convention.

I walked the entire exhibit hall since I already had a badge while Sean stood in line to get his. My feet were realy tired even by then. I continued floating around the exhibit hall, picking up cards and fliers from cartoonists we thought were interesting (or just to be polite), and ogling at booth babes. I had met some people online, Kristi and June, and was looking out for them but didn’t see them.

I went to the Adult Swim panel and miraculously met up with Sean. At the panel we saw some voice actors to some great shows, including June Foray! Also got some previews to shows that were to come out over the next few months.

We next headed to a Star Wars fan film festival, and saw one of my favorite fan made movies of all time – George Lucas In Love.

I think at the dealer room I went on a mad hunt for Sam and Max comics, and found ONE PERSON who had it, and immediately bought the issue. Still have it in it’s wrapper.

After an exhausting day we came back to the parking garage and it was locked down! But the security guard let us in and we had to pay with an envelope. And an obscene amount of money. Oh well.

Day 50 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

On this day we decided it was better to meet up at certain times instead of sticking with each other. So I went off to do my thing and Sean to his.

I went to the LucasArts panel, which I didn’t enjoy. And at the time I was a big fan of the webcomic Megatokyo, and they had a panel that I went to.

Also stopped by the booth for Lauren McCubin and Michelle Tea, who had illustrated a book called Rent Girl, which I bought. Also Lauren McCubin was a friend and illustrator with Warren Ellis. They worked together on Orbiter, which I bought the first issue of and had her sign it.

I think one year I gave Rent Girl to a friend as a birthday present, but I can’t remember which one.

Day 51 – San Diego

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

On this day at the convention I bought a pen, and searched all over the dealer room for issues of Snikt – the Wolverine spinoff drawn by Tsutomu Nihei – which I really liked (not for the story, but just for the artwork). After dedicated work I managed to find all 5 issues of it.

I went to a Keenspot panel. Keenspot was a site that hosted a lot of popular webcomics back in the day. I’m not sure what they’re up to now… Anyhow, went to another Adult Swim panel.

Then at some point I lost my pen and I was furious. Losing things that I just had is bad enough, losing something that I just bought was terrible. Anyhow.

Went to see the My Big Fat Independent Movie panel, and I guess also saw the movie. I don’t remember anything about that.

During one of the nights at Comic Con, I went to go hang out with Kristi and June, who I had managed to find. And one night I went over to their hotel room until way too late, and so instead of going back to the hostel I was staying at, I think I just slept there. I was very attracted to Kristi, but nothing happened between us beyond a bit of cuddling. Note: this was probably the previous night, but I can’t clearly remember which one.

Day 52 – Los Altos

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Finally, the drive home. The end of a trip. The end of a journal.

We showered. Went back to the convention one more time. Met up with Kristi and June to say goodbye to them, and got some pictures with booth babes on the way out. Picked up some t-shirts as well. Drove back to the hostel, picked up our stuff, and then got some In & Out Burger before the last drive.

It was a pleasant drive, and I believe we mostly followed the coastal road up to 101, probably got stuck in Los Angeles but did our best to avoid it. On the Jeep there was a meter to show the amount of miles left before having an empty tank, which for anyone who read through this entire journal might sound familiar. We apparently didn’t learn our lesson in Quebec, and waited until the very last possible moment to fill up our tank. The number of miles were getting lower and lower, and we kept on hesitating on exits that had gas station.

Finally we couldn’t afford to wait for the next exit, so we took one off the road that supposedly had a station. But because it was a bit of a hilly area, we couldn’t see where the station was. It was a very small town, and watching the numbers slowly count down on our dashboard we prayed and navigated the streets looking for some place to get gas.

We were headed on a northern street running parallel to the highway but a few blocks east of it, and a large incline was to our left. We took a left onto some street, with our hope running out. This inclined our car looking eastward, towards where the sun was setting, and shielding our eyes from the blinding light, we saw it… the tall Chevron sign, rising up from behind the hill, glorified with all but a heavenly chorus of harps and tenors. We were saved.

Bought some candy, and dealt with some stupid drivers before getting back to the Bay Area late at night. Dropped Sean off, and got a little bit of food before driving back to my own home.

I still had a little bit of energy to get caught up with the internet before falling asleep and concluding the North American Road Trip of 2004.

Day 45 – Denver to Los Altos

up and out
got some coffee
was gonna get gas at one station but changed my mind because it was too expensive
got a bit angry for some reason
went to get some coffee in the place
accidentally cut this shaggy looking guy in line
he said he was never in a hurry, he had two heart attacks
very zenful, kind of touched me
drove the rest of the way
truck accident
utah border stopped
motels were too expensive
kept on driving
salt flats
terrible steak
kept on driving
a little bit of excercise
put on eddie izzard
kept on driving
got home at 5:20
16177.6 miles