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Day 76 – Budapest to Zagreb

stayed up from when i got back
already packed
(was there more here?)
headed out to zagreb on train
decided zagreb was really small
long walk to hostel
couple miles
oddly like milan
lot hotter women
made it there
put stuff down
out to the market
got stuff to cook
made food
really bad pasta with balsamic vinegar
really odd tasting milk
watched some movie at the hostel… oh the heist
went to bed

Day 77 – Zagreb

got up
headed out using the tram to get to the bus station
bought a ticket
took the bus to the park
pain in stomach
only persons to get off there
bought tickets at the park
walked to the first station
walked along the place, tram to the first stop
really cool pathway
wooden pathway
giant waterfall
walked up a lot of steps
walked along cliffside
went down to ferry
took ferry across lake
walked along more paths
walked through woods
really beautiful
came back to the site
learned where to get more info about the bus
walked there
learned that we had missed the bus by 5 minutes
took out a sign and wrote zagreb on it
people were giving us looks
mode got food
i got food and a sweater and it luckily came with a new cardboard sign
made that was really readable and great
guys that were ruining our business
went out to the bus station at around 9:30
after a while magical bus picked us up
Magic Bus
met some english girls on the bus
drunk guy hitting on the girls
tried to sleep a bit
got to zagreb
luckily caught a tram back
got into bed and slept