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Day 46 – Madrid

I’ll have forgotten a lot of parts of this story.

I woke up and had a long art conversation with Tania, the Australian girl, in the lobby of the hostel. After this in my outline was written “ripped up piece of paper” but I cannot remember exactly what that was in reference to. Though a glimmer is coming back to me, and I think it was that I was ripping up some piece of paper into interesting ways, as well as making paper airplanes.

I’m not sure if Mode was already up, or what we were waiting for, but him and I eventually headed out to the Prado Museum. It was quite a walk, and as I remember it, not so inspiring. There was a few famous paintings that I completely forgot about. I think one of them was with these painted cabinet type things…

After that we went on a walk through the nearby park. It was this big lake with a long path all the way around. There was this area with a whole bunch of drumming people and musicians. There were a couple hot Spanish girls there too. We chilled for a while there listening to the drums, and then headed back.

Took a nap.

Then got up to get Paellas with Tania. There was a really really long wait for our food. We then played various card games with the Australians at the hostel, like Asshole, Blackjack, Hearts, and others. Then we got tired and went to bed.

Day 47 – Madrid to Lisbon

Mode and I got up for breakfast. I went over to the Embassy again because my passport was supposedly ready. Once again I had to stand in the lines. It felt like forever, but I finally got to the window. They told me that they were not able to get a full replacement passport in time, so they got me an emergency 60 day replacement passport that I would be able to use for the remainder of my trip. Whatever.

On my way back I stopped at a Starbucks and ordered an Americano. You know. For irony sake. Still paid a million dollars for it.

Came back to the hostel, and Mode and I went out to get Doner Kebab, our favorite low price food. Then we walked around the city a bunch. Stopped at the supermarket, I think we picked up some oranges, and also stopped at a trinket shop, where I think we picked up a flamenco dancer souvenir. Then we left for the station.

At the station I embarked on the crazy experience of getting my Eurail pass back. So I went from place to place figuring out who to talk to in order to get a new Eurail pass. Took forever. Someone wrote down on a card for me “Mi europass ha sido robado necesito saber qué hago.” and I was showing it to all these people. Of course I tried to converse in Spanish as much as I could, which was difficult since it all came out in Italian. I had to deal with the police two times before figuring out the correct procedure. FINALLY got a new ticket from this old man at the ticket counter and figured out that I needed to apply for a refund by contacting the Eurorail people.

Caught the train. There were two things that absolutely cracked me and Mode up. One was that this curtain on the train. So I was sitting in the window seat, and some guy opened his window in the section behind me. The wind blew his curtain up over the chair separating us, and onto my head. It just kind of plopped down on my head like a jellyfish. And somehow this was the funniest thing in the world to me and Mode.

The second hilarious things to us was when the guy checking passports came by. He didn’t know English, so we talked afterwards about how we could have said “You don’t know where that passport has been” and he would have responded “Que?” This too was somehow absolutely hilarious.

Sleeping on the train was a nightmare. My arm started to hurt in the middle of the night, as if I had pinched a nerve. It hurt so much that I actually went through my suitcase eventually looking for advil to take. It finally went away but it was not a pleasant experience at all. Portugal arrived in the wee hours of the morning.

Day 48 – Lisbon

The train rolled into Portugal in the morning as the sun was rising up. I had been told that Portugal had a specific style of architecture to it, and I was wondering if all the small cute houses I saw going through the country were what I had been told about. I remember there being a lot of white and blue and simple shaped designs. Azulejo? Might have been it (checking Wikipedia)

We got to the station in Lisbon and then walked to the hostel. Walked back to the station and walked back to the hostel. I think we did this because we wanted to reserve our tickets to Berlin. Yes, we traveled from Lisbon to Berlin. But that journey will come later.

We waited for our room because it was before check in time. The place was really nice, and I think of all the hostels we stayed at, Lisbon had the nicest. The people there gave us a really great list of things to do, and tailored it to the amount of time we were spending and what we were interested in. A+

We took a well needed shower and got some cheap food up the road. It was some kind of special Portuguese delicacy… but I can’t remember what it was at all.

We then went out to the castle that was up this hill. Took a bit of a walk, and I think we got lost on the way there. But eventually made it. Walked around the castle.

Then went to Rossio Plaza where I think they were setting up some kind of event. Walked up Libertad Street. That was really long. While walking there were all sorts of politician campaign busses passing by and yelling at us to vote for their guy. We walked all the way back down the street again, and tried to get a bus to Belem. We actually first got onto the wrong bus (28) and rode it to the end of the line. We had no idea where we were, so we took the 25 all the way back. Then we got on the 15, which was the correct bus to get to Belem.

In Belem, we went to this specific place called “Pasteis de Belem” to get pastereis. We were told this was a very cultural pastry, and Belem was where it originated. It was sweet and delicious, and kind of like what would happen if you took creme brulee, put it on a miniature pie crust that was as flakey as a croissant.

We saw a ship/columbus like monument of some sort, and also went to a castle like monument. I wasn’t quite sure what the history was of those items, but they looked pretty cool. Plus I distinctly remember there being a miniature model of the castle available to blind people, and thinking “hey, that’s pretty nice of them.”

Also there was this bridge that looked almost exactly like the Golden Gate bridge. Copycats.

Took the tram back, and got to our hostel just in time for happy hour at the bar. Mode wasn’t feeling so well, so he went to sleep. I stayed up talking to Italians and Australians. Then we watched Oceans 12. Then I went to bed.

Day 49 – Lisbon

We woke up and sure enough Mode was sicker than a dog. Which is an expression that doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Well I decided it was a day for myself, so I went out. Exploring on your own is very different, and it has a lot of benefits but also a lot of disadvantages. Someone once said “happiness isn’t real unless shared” but I think it depends on what kind of person you are, and what mood you’re in.

I went to the Festa do Ladro, which was basically a flea market with all sorts of really neat stuff. I saw old electronics, and trinkets, and useless junk, watches, and such. There was this white shirt which was absolutely perfect for hot weather, but I only had one euro in my pocket and the guy was charging two.
I bought a new day bag to replace my old one, and a deck of cards which were worn and awesome looking. I also secretly bought a Rome colosseum small statuette because I hadn’t picked up anything like that while in Rome. It was a pretty successful shopping trip.

I briefly came back to the hostel to check on Mode. He was still sick and complaining about the street artists outside. There were these two kids who each had an accordion and a dog, but both of them were playing different songs. Also, between the two of them, they only knew two songs. Each only knowing one song. They were space about a couple blocks each way on the street. So Mode, who is a music fanatic, was going mad. Of course he was too sick to leave with me to my next adventure.

So I left him to his musical prison and went out to Sintra. Sintra contained a property turned into a park which had been explained to me in a way such that I absolutely had to go. I got on the train, and headed out there while admiring the country side. It was a small walk, maybe 1.5 miles and through the small town. When I got there, I paid the entry fee, and… well… how to explain this.

This was one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

So here’s the story. There was once this crazy millionaire, who bought a huge plot of land and renovated it to be a huge park for himself. I mean park in that it was a winding web of paths going around this hill next to his huge mansion. It involved underground secret cave tunnels, spiral staircases out of those tunnels, jumping rocks through water, waterfalls, large courtyards with places for performances, both obscure and apparent pathways leading from one adventure to the next. I felt like this was exactly what I would build if I was a crazed millionaire. It was like a childhood dream. An adventure game. Best. Time. Ever. I had so much fun, but I half wished someone was there to enjoy it with me. I also kind of enjoyed exploring it myself.

I explored until I was satiated, and then went to town and had some really good food at Pitiqueira or something like that. Took the train back to Lisbon. Mode was feeling a bit better so we went out for food again, but I can’t remember where. We chilled at the hostel with these two girls from Ljubljana (I think). One was incredibly hot too… We drank a bottle of green wine. I don’t know what is put into green wine, and I can’t remember if it was good or not.

Updated the journal a bit. I wrote in the outline here “beach?” but I don’t know what that meant. Maybe we went to the beach? But I don’t remember that at all. But I do know that we went to sleep.

Day 50 – Lisbon to Paris

Alright, a slow day with planning my Asia trip for 2009, so I think I’ll work on previous travels instead of upcoming ones.

The next two days of this journal involve Mode and I traveling from one side of mainland Europe to almost the other, and if you count 5 days, we crossed the entire width of Europe (Lisbon to Helsinki).

Mode and I got up in the morning and packed up a little bit. We went out to the supermarket for some food. We got some cherry liquor – a specialty of Lisbon -, two packs of crackers, two apples, and three oranges. This is actually important to note, I will explain in the following post.

We got some pastries at Casa Brasiliera, which if I remember correctly was just down the street a little bit. Then came back to the hostel and hung out with Slovenian girls (that one girl… so cute). Then said our goodbyes, got some contact information from them, picked up our bags and headed out to the station.

We got on the train and headed off through Portugal and Spain.

I made a note here: “cocaine woman”. I’m not sure what that is in reference to. I’m pretty sure it was some woman who came into our compartment for a while, but I can’t remember why we associated her with cocaine.

Ben – Yo, I’m (once again) working on the Eurotrip log. I wrote down something about our trip on the train between Lisbon and Paris: “cocaine woman”. Do you remember what that was in reference to?
Mode – yeah! we were going through spain, and this crazy old spanish hag started talking to us about drugs like marijuana and cocaine. she’d done a lot of experimenting, but she said if you do too much it’ll make you crazy. she may have lit a joint in our compartment, but i’m not sure lol.
Ben – HAH. you’re so right! I completely forgot about that!

We thought we were set because we had the whole compartment to ourselves for a long time. But of course some people came into the compartment. In fact, they filled up the 4 empty space of the 6 person compartment, so there wasn’t really any room.

Eventually in the middle of the night the compartment emptied out, and we slept well.

Day 51 – Paris to Berlin

In the morning we arrived in Hendaye. This is at the border of Spain and France. We needed to switch trains, but we had some hours of a layover. So we hung out in the small train station lobby.

I looked over at the ticket buying machine and noticed something very peculiar. You see, the controls for deciding what ticket to buy and all that was a sort of knob with a button in the center. It was a little larger than a baseball. But the thing that was weird was the icon on the screen that gave instructions on how to use it. It had a generic hand twisting, or should I say groping, the round thing with the button in the center. Use your imagination.

Another thing I noticed (I notice a lot when I’m bored) was that there was a small conductor’s room in the lobby. It looked as if it contained some basic stuff, like extra coats or clothing, whistles, what not. There was some kind of shift change that happened while I was there, and the door of the closet was left slightly ajar. I was so completely tempted to walk up to the closet and steal a hat, because I completely could have and not been caught. And I would have had a conductor’s hat. But, I decided not to. I have nothing against these people.

We got on the train and relaxed as it sped through Paris. Now, here I have written that I met a French teacher who gave me book, but I don’t remember that part at all. Maybe my memory of that day was more consumed by suggestive ticket machine controls and hats.

We got to the Paris Station, and went from one station to the other on the metro. Then spent quite a while waiting for the other train. Had McDonalds, ah yes, my last Le Big Mac (ala Pulp Fiction). Eventually got on the train and rode until night. We shared a compartment with some french guys that got on and a weird guy who didn’t like us. I think he just didn’t like youngsters.

In the process of traveling, I decided it would be brilliant to take the last bottle of 1 Euro wine and make it taste better by transforming it into sangria. I did this with the help of the cherry liquor, some of the apples and the oranges. This ended up tasting… well… not as I had hoped. And I don’t think it even got us that drunk, not even tipsy.

Night came. But in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up and had a terrible pain in my arm. It was this really dull achy pain, but it hurt so incredibly much. I suspect it was a pinched nerve of some sort. I tried to wait it out, but I couldn’t, and eventually I decided to risk waking people up by pulling down my backpack and scavenging through it until I found the Advil. I was so happy I had brought that. I swigged it down with some train-made sangria, and eventually could get back to sleep.

Day 52 – Berlin

Got to Berlin at 8 in the morning. Slowly we made our way to the hostel using the bus system. The hostel was in a foresty area, which was really weird since it was in the middle of Berlin.

Put our stuff down and chilled for a bit using the wireless. Then went out into the world using the X10 bus. We missed the first of the tours (one of those free tours where you only pay by tipping the guide). Instead we walked around the zoological garten. Found some stuff at a 1 euro store, and an “alternative” store, where I guess I bought a patch? I also remember getting food right around that area, and they had the car from Death Proof.

Then we got on the tour, and saw all the sights of Berlin. First was the gate. Near the gate, there was this silence room where you’d go in and spend a minute of silence in dedication to something or other. World peace?
Then went to the Holocaust Memorial. That was pretty interesting because it’s all these concrete cubes at differing heights. It was really interesting to walk around the thing, and it seemed a bit easy to run into people there.

Somewhere along the way, though I didn’t write this down, we went to the spot where Hitler died. It wasn’t marked on purpose because they thought there would be problems with Neo-Nazis visiting that area. It was pretty much a ditch. I suppose that’s what he deserved.

The Berlin Wall. Checkpoint Charlie. Stopped for a bit of food.

Went to a few more places, like near a museum, and the place where they burned books (in the scene with Indiana Jones), and also showed us some kind of spire with some story behind it. And then took a rest while the tour guide told us how the wall went down. It was some really weird TV goof up, and proved to be a really interesting story.

Walked all the way back to zoo garten, got on the bus and went back to the hostel. We were totally exhausted, and I spent some time on my laptop updating stuff and going through things on the internet.

Mode was a bit tired, but I wanted to chill outside so I went there. I think I took my book, but some girl met me out there and we talked and talked. We went out for dinner together, Mode I think was sleeping or something. Went to a Greek restaurant, and the food was really good. We had really interesting conversations about all sorts of things. We then walked around looking for a late night phramacy because I think she wanted to get something. Then walked back.

But you know what? This whole time we never asked for each others’ names. Halfway through the evening I pointed this out, and she had noticed too. I can’t remember who suggested it, but we decided that it would be just as well that we never learned each others names. It was a very odd idea, but I liked it. And so to this day I think that is the only friend I have ever made whom I did not know the name of (not including those I have forgotten the name of).

Got back to the hostel and talked online until late. There was some movie playing that people were watching… it was either Inside Man or Robots or both.

Day 53 – Berlin

After getting up we stayed at the hostel for a long time. Finally headed into the city. We tried to find this place to eat that we had read about in the guide book, but once we found it we discovered it was too expensive. We had crap food instead, I think it was kebab.

We then walked through a really long park and got really tired, so headed back.

Chilled at the hostel, and I went out with the unnamed girl again. Apparently she was from Texas? Once again we went to the Greek restaurant and talked about all sorts of stuff.

After coming back I worked on stuff online and watched Elizabethtown before going to bed.

Day 54 – Berlin to Rostock to Sea

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-14 ——

We got up, showered, and had breakfast at the hostel. Packed our things up for a quick escape later, and then headed out to the city again to check out another neighborhood. I believe that we had earlier bought one of those public transportation ticket deals that I misplaced and couldn’t find, so had to re-buy things.

The other parts of Berlin that we explored this day were a lot cooler and more interesting than the Berlin we had seen over the past days but since we were leaving we didn’t have as much time to check it out. Went to the station and back to the hostel, picked up our things, paid our dues, and left.

The train station in Germany was pretty cool, and seemed very high tech. We got on our train to Rostock and went on our merry way. Once we got there we switched to a smaller train to the harbor, and took that to the said stop. But when we got off there was no one there. It was odd… Sort of a weird ghost town feeling. We walked in a direction, not really knowing exactly where to go. By pure luck we happened to see the ferry building and headed there. Got our tickets and went to the nearby supermarket. There we met a strange guy that might have been drunk, and buying some more drink. I think “We Are The Champions” was playing over the supermarket radio, so Mode and I made up a song about the guy, and it goes, asomething, alike this:

Heeee is the champion… of the daaaayyyy
And heeeee’ll keep on drinkiiing, till the ennnnnnnd-of-the-day
Heee is the champion
Nooo time for (forgot)
Cause he is the champion… of the daaaaayyyy

Anyhow. We picked up some odd liquors and candy with liquor in them (which ended up being a disaster and made a mess in my bag. Went back to the ferry terminal and started an epic, epic game of War. After finally someone one, Mode started playing Sam & Max on my laptop. We got on the ferry. And then played more Sam and Max, drank a bottle of wine, and went to bed.

[lost memory] Met and hung out with a Russian Asian girl who I don’t remember at all.

Day 55 – Baltic Sea

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-29 ——

This was a day on the ferry. We got up and Mode played more Sam and Max while I worked on the journal. We spent most of the day in the disco lounge area listening to bad music and playing the game. I took a nap.

Finally Mode finished the game with minimal hints from me. He had trouble trying to use the wrench on the fish statue, and also how to get the severed hand of Jesse James. Tricky puzzles.

I went to look for some food but couldn’t find much, and on the main desk there were three remaining sandwiches which we got. Hung out with three people who have vanished from my memory: Olga, Sven, and Franswah. We played hearts, walked up to the deck to chill, and then retired.

Day 56 – Helsinki

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-29 ——

We arrived in Helsinki’s port and travelled with the people we met for a little while. This new guy was suddenly traveling with us, Tobias. He, Sven, Mode and I bought tickets for transportation, and got on the bus to go to the central station. Tobias took a lot of pictures.

Went to the Olympic Stadium
Put stuff down in luggage storage
waited for mode
said bye to franswah
went to esplanade
went to get food at the market
great breakfast
walked around market
went to the upinsky church
star wars conversation
started going to the other church
sven was late for his meeting
went to senate square
said bye to sven
visited the other church
visited other sites around helsinki
split up so we could find money for mode
took a while to find that money but it was closed
met up with tobias again
decided to meet for dinner
tried to find a restroom in kamppi
weird bathroom incident, 1 euro to use so didn’t
held our pee and walked back to the olympic stadium via the gardens that surround the railroad track
finally got back
meddled on the internet for a while and took showers
time for food so went out to meet tobias
arrived at the meeting point at the same exact time
went to zotar
really strange
really expensive
2 euro coat check
8 euro cliche soup (reindeer and cheese)
saved a menu
went to find a record shop
back to the hostel
hung out for a while


Day 57 – Helsinki

day 2 in helsinki
got up
took a shower
said bye to tobias
something something
got some breakfast at the pastries
headed down to the ferry
got on the boat
walked around the island
old cannons
tried to go to the russian place
didn’t exist
went to store
got some sausages
cooked sausages
good stuff though mushy
mutilated sausages
and beer
hung out at the hostel
on the internet
and went to sleep

Day 58 – Helsinki

Day 3 in helsinki
went to the supermarket to get food
other pastries
stone temple
passed by another market
money for mode except not
it was a travel agency and they didn’t have am ex capabilities
went to record stores
other place
mode got hat and patches
saw india barthi
weird noise coming through his distortion pedals because of the tram
bought his cd
went to the stadium tower
looked around
simple elevator buttons
sybbilus monument
made music on the monument
hid in the pipes
went back towards the hostel
got pasta equipment at the supermarket
made pasta
lots of pasta

Day 59 – Helsinki to Ferry

Day 4 in helsinki
woke up early and did laundry
checked out
went to the old market to pick up moose meat and reindeer meat
walked around the new market looking at trinkets
postcards and reindeer horn thing
went to kamppi and got cds and batteries
back to get bags
chill for a moment
left for the ferry
weird jabba the hutt lady
got on the ship and walked around
like a cruise ship
met daniel, who was also in helsinki
talked for a while on the deck
drank a bit of cherry liquor and apple vodka
chilled around
tried to make money
were stalked by these estonian girls who were 15
went dancing at the club
older woman danced with them, i sat out when i got tired
went to the other place
went back but saw estonian girls still following us so we talked to them for a while
ended up talking to ourselves while the estonian girls talked amongst themselves
2 year old baby so moved
weird guy
estonian girls had to go home
we went to the club again
talked to some other girls
free pizza!!!!!!
i was getting tired
we eventually retired

Day 61 – Stockholm

made mode an omelet while he got food
walking tour of stockholm
went all over
went to park
wrong way when getting out of metro
glass building
comic book library
walked down nice street with gift shops
nice day
modern museum not free
skipped last part of the walking tour
tall boats thing
saw a nice view
walked back to the hostel
took a nap while mode finished star trek book
went out with howard and french guy to other debaser
found girls at kelly’s first
cute girls but had boyfriends
danced and drank
went back
7E and mcdonalds

Day 62 – Stockholm

battle royal dream
Howard and noodles
mode went out for some breakfast
I took a nap
we went to the music museum
banging around
really fun
hands on
drugged guy
went to historical museum
kind of dull
overly dramatic
weird mayan exhibit where a guy died
gold room
on way back met daniel
went to train station
found out we had to get up early
arranged to meet daniel and co later
went back to the hostel
showered, ate a big pasta cheese sauce meal
starchy, and alright but meh. lots left over so free
went out to meet people with french guy
couldn’t figure out which square to meet them at
went to kelly’s and it was 23 and over
walked around
cops took away our beer
drank it over at debaser
went into debaser
guy bought me a drink
cute waitress
came back

Day 64 – Oslo

Woke up
chilled at the hostel
went out to see musuems
walked to ferry
took ferry
walked to viking museum
single guy on train tram
walked around viking museum
walked around the entire harbor
nice walk
went to vondelburg park
crazy sculptures about aging and what not
sat at the bridge
walked to the royal palace
weird hats with emo whatever
kids amazed at riki-oh shirt
chilling on the steps
walked back
got licorish on the way back
came back to the hostel
made food
i made pizza
mode made noodles
relaxed and mode played indy
imi came
on the run from the mafia
hippy rastafarian
“fuckin’ fuck”
stoned out of his mind
“blah blah blah bwrghchhhhh”
went to bed

Day 65 – Oslo

Subway first
cheese steak
station to book tickets from copenhagen to berlin
to the library
checked balance and send emails
went to elm street pub
rockabilly family place
went to “Our Daily Bread”
metal on the wall
cup of coffee
walked in the other direction to find the rock in club
went in a few shops and looked around
came back to the hostel
made quesadillas
chilled there for the rest of the day
finished indy

Day 66 – Oslo to Copenhagen

Went to the oslo train station
bought some postcards
girl eavesdropping us
bouncy ball
got on the train
train switched in one station at goteburg
then that train stopped and we got on a bus
then got on another train
that went to another station and we switched again
but that train was cancelled and switched to another
finally got to copenhagen at about 10:30
walked to a bar – McKluud
cool denmark guy
bought us shots of weird foresty minty liquor
lots of beer, met some other people
(continued on next day since past midnight)

Day 67 – Copenhagen to Prague

left bar
walked to christiana
bar there
cool looking
met a bunch of people
two guys at table were polish
mode met guy from north carolina talking about drum box
then we left
walked a long way stopping at 7-11
got to the station and took a small nap
waited at one station, but moved to track 26 (odd number)
got on the train and knocked out as well as we could
switched in hamburg
did NOT switch in berlin
but had to pay in Prague
out of money
paid in us dollars
and got change
got here
took a little while to find hostel
walked to hostel
went out for food
got doner kebab
shady location
full, walked back

Day 68 – Prague

got up
had a long conversation with the girl who worked there
mode got up
ate at the nearby place that got directions to
really good food
came back to the hostel, got stuff, went out to kutna hora
got tickets
hour long train ride
kutna hora
short walk
bone church
really weird
took train back
kids avoiding fare
had to get off at other station
got on local train
took 2 hours to get back or something
when got back we went out again to eat
went to u parlimento or something
really good
walked around
heavy rain
took shelter in subway station
commented on a mario shirt
met people from new orleans
went to aida, but too crowded
instead went to cross club
really awesome
moving parts
met some other guys
talked a bit, drank a bit
went to a ska show they had at the time
relaxed outside
walked back
long walk
went to bed

Day 69 – Prague

got up just in time for the walking tour
saw most of prague
not as good as the other walking tours
church with hand hanging from chain
jewish quarter/synagogue
tour guide kind of didn’t know some stuff about judaism (high, stones on grave)
end of tour
got cash
got some food at the tour guide’s recommended place
went walking looking for a cheap place for drinks
went from pub to pub
came back to pay and took a shower
but couldn’t pay because the receptionist didn’t have enough change
went out again and walked around square
watched the clock strike 7
went to aida for a drink, not so exciting
came back
met people, two siblings from philly and a guy from nyc
went out to a 24 hour food place
bought absinth
tried to recreate it with sugar and water and spoon, but meh
like ouzo
drank rest of other drink
stayed up all night talking and chilling
finally went to sleep
mode started snoring and the australian girl next to me said noooooooooooo

Day 70 – Prague

got up really late
went out to the square
found book store for mode
explored a really cool antique shop
guy showed us to the other larger one
cool stuff
went out and got some food at u parliment again
went to petrin hill
really relaxing and nice view
wedding behind held with girls running around in white
and a homeless man for contrast
went back down
back to the hostel
took showers and checked internet
went out for food
came back and relaxed for a bit
went out for cross club
went into the different rooms, met different people
walked all the way back to the hostel again because taxi cost a lot
went to sleep late again

Day 71 – Prague to Vienna

hostel woman woke me up
got ready
packed and got mode up
running late
went out to catch train
got tickets to the border, somehow didn’t miss train
got crappy pizza and drink to spend rest of crowns
went to the track
got on the train
arrived in vienna
found hostel but wrong one, went to the other
put stuff down
mode headed out to get money exchanged
I did laundry for a while and played on the computer in between
mode came back
laundry finished
went out to get food at pizza place
gnochi was really good
waited for 20 minutes for the pizza
pizza was good too
came back
went to the bar briefly for some wine
not too much so went upstairs and to sleep

Day 72 – Vienna

got up late
went out
walked through park
walked through belvedere park
took metro back to get food
courtyard place, fried turkey
went to find american express place
apparently all AmEx places are closed in europe
check prices to send mail back to the US
125 euros
music museum
spent lots of time there
science and music
little display things
huge room with surround sounds
place with computers wrote down artists
bought mouth harp and miniature violin
came back to hostel area
got food at mozart place
mode couldn’t finish food
back to the hostel
bar for a short bit
back up to sleep

Day 73 – Vienna to Budapest

Got up
got mode up
lost keys briefly
went to supermarket to get some stuff
went back, got our luggage
got on train
train full of people for festival
luckily got open seats before they got on
got to budapest
was a little confused and english guy helped find directions
took bus
olga’s hostel, the budapest bubble
chilled and took a shower, which was difficult since there was no warm water at first
took a real shower, but still couldn’t really control the temperature
hung out with people downstairs
matt, the australian
??? the guy from liverpool
mode and i went out to find things to do
made a stop at doner kebab
made a stop at a bar for a drink
went down to the danube because i had a strong desire to see it
saw it, walked along
met two folks from scandanavia
talked to them for a while
walked to the buda beach bar
pretty empty
danced tango like
got kicked out but talked to some people on the way out
walked back to the hostel
went to bed

Day 74 – Budapest

Got up
we went to the baths
metro there
got in different pools
discovered the sauna
fucking cold!
girl spotted
roundabout! current pool
took two or three hours there
came back deliciously fine
got dinner at this place
too expensive, but it was good
decided to walk around budapest
up the danube river
saw several sights
bought some alcohol (rum and apple/pear juice)
went to the park
water fountain with music (but no lights like barcelona)
walked back
caught the metro back
drank at the hostel
had a fun time there with other people
try to remember more of what happened this night

Day 75 – Budapest

Sziget Festival
got up early and told mode i was going out and would be back at 2
went out
tried to get tickets at the station
looked around
got the travel tickets and stood in line for a refund
had to go to the festival itself to buy tickets
long trip
help getting there
got there and travelled the wrong way
blue things
got tickets
came back to town and got off near cathedral area
went to the castle
looked around, pretty touristy, looked better from afar
went down a really comfortable back and forth path up to the castle
hat boat
went to the market
walked around
bought a great nectarine
bought a cheap half liter of beer
bought a paprika pouch with a spoon
left and took the metro to the long street
walked a little bit down it
took metro back to the hostel and arrived right on time
chilled there for a while while everyone got ready
headed out really drunk
got some doner i think
got to the festival
lost mode immediately
went to the main stage
found matt
danced to people there
rained and danced in the rain
chemical brothers eventually came
falling down
girls made out with the two other boys, whatever
set was over and people were leaving
we went to the bathroom
tried to find mode
no luck, and most people wanted to leave
walked them to the gate
then me and liverpool guy went back
found a few stages to dance at
bought a shirt
lost liverpool guy as he was dancing on a table shirtless
walked around
walked around
hungarian girl trying to find her friends
found self back at the main stage
walked around it
got a samosa
found some italian people from milano
and a really cute girl from croatia
went to the gypsy music bar/dance floor
went pretty crazy
then felt extremely exhausted and wanted to go home
i had enough
went to the bridge at around 3
waited for mode
fell asleep a little bit
people asking if i was alright
people fucking with my hat
finally decided to go back to the hostel at 4:30
told guard to tell mode i was back at the hostel
came back
lo and behold
mode was on the couch reading harry potter and had no idea how he had gotten back (didn’t have a key, or much money)
continued next day

Day 76 – Budapest to Zagreb

stayed up from when i got back
already packed
(was there more here?)
headed out to zagreb on train
decided zagreb was really small
long walk to hostel
couple miles
oddly like milan
lot hotter women
made it there
put stuff down
out to the market
got stuff to cook
made food
really bad pasta with balsamic vinegar
really odd tasting milk
watched some movie at the hostel… oh the heist
went to bed

Day 77 – Zagreb

got up
headed out using the tram to get to the bus station
bought a ticket
took the bus to the park
pain in stomach
only persons to get off there
bought tickets at the park
walked to the first station
walked along the place, tram to the first stop
really cool pathway
wooden pathway
giant waterfall
walked up a lot of steps
walked along cliffside
went down to ferry
took ferry across lake
walked along more paths
walked through woods
really beautiful
came back to the site
learned where to get more info about the bus
walked there
learned that we had missed the bus by 5 minutes
took out a sign and wrote zagreb on it
people were giving us looks
mode got food
i got food and a sweater and it luckily came with a new cardboard sign
made that was really readable and great
guys that were ruining our business
went out to the bus station at around 9:30
after a while magical bus picked us up
Magic Bus
met some english girls on the bus
drunk guy hitting on the girls
tried to sleep a bit
got to zagreb
luckily caught a tram back
got into bed and slept

Day 78 – Zagreb to Ljubljana

that day the pain in stomach was still there, but a bit less
tried to contact the slovenian girls that morning, and she said she was reading in the park (but eva was in croatia somewhere)
tram to train station
took the train to ljubljana
took bus to the hostel (aladin hostel)
went back out for visiting the park
didn’t see danaja
visited the picture exhibition
visited the center area of town
really cute
there was a raining area
walked around
had dinner at this place with a very interesting personal beer
had the meat dish, which was also interesting
walked around
had another drink at some outside seating area
walked back to the hostel
relaxed and talked to people downstairs
went to bed

Day 79 – Ljubljana to Venice

pain in stomach almost gone
in the morning i was missing the yellow bag
in the reception, but receptionist wasn’t there
finally after a while she returned (she was so cute)
bus to station (a bit crowded) and almost missed stop
got the train to venice
got off train and followed instructions to the bus
went to campsite
hungry so got some kebab
started raining
met english girls under tent, katy and erica
went into venice with them
got lost, but saw all the great sights of venice
found a lot of cool shops
mask shops
st marco square with pigeons
bought some wine at a store
decided to go back
kind of got a bit lost, and eventually retraced our steps to get back
got bus and came back to the campground
concert with ok singing guy
drank a bit there with the girls
went to bed

Day 80 – Venice

got up
SHAVED with two blades
relaxed by pool
did laundry
read a bit of moby dick
hung out with girls again
jumped in for a little bit
finished laundry
gathered under tents
started to rain
hard rain, flooding almost
after a bit we went into venice again
pretty much did the same route with girl from california
bought postcards
didn’t find gondola ride
had dinner near place where we bought the wine (small lasagna)
tried to find wine
found it at shop on the way back
came back to the campgrounds
drank again, at table of toga people and these two australians
a whole bottle of wine for myself
sold the australians the weed from amsterdam
got really really tired from all the wine and went to bed

Day 81 – Venice

got up and showered
went to the market and got some breakfast
sat around the tent and chatted
mode and i went into venice early (around 12)
went to the train station to get tickets
walked around the northern area (more touristy)
bought mask
got some really good ice cream
chilled in a park
went to the doge’s palace
cool weapons
gun swords!
walked back, bought leather book, perfect
while waiting at the station briefly talked to some other guys waiting for the bus, and probably found the first canadian i wasn’t so keen on
met people at the bus station
tried to find gondola ride
waited in one place, but no one came
went across bridge to find guy, bargained
gondola ride
really relaxing
pointed out palaces
told a little about gondola stuff, his family, his travels
really short, maybe 30 minutes
tried to meet with other girls in square
fed pigeons two packets of seed, not as exciting because it was later in the day
jumped and they all spread a bit
went to find dinner – gnochi
guy was hitting on the girls
got a free shot of sweet amaretto because it was our last night
sang to frank sinatra with mode
met with jake from santa cruz
headed back to the bus stop
walked around and got a little lost
came back to the campsite
people smoked at the tents
relaxed with franziskaner
once again got really sleepy
went to bed
woke up a couple times
lots of noise then the ausies came back to the tents

Day 82 – Venice to Munich

got up early
packed and such
said goodbye to the folks at the campsite
got on the train
got to munich
got on tram
went to tent
checked in
got bed sheets
put down stuff
locked up stuff
finally bought a lock (i wrote sock)
got dinner, pasta al ragu (or bolognese) and some nice beers
stood around fire made by some entertaining guys
mode went off to wombats
i chilled at fire for a bit longer talking to a cute girl from montana
went to bed

Day 83 – Munich

got mode up
went out for the free tour
took the free tour
learned about the monks
the monk icon guy with the bible
the lion
churches and gravestones and such
footstep of the devil
at the break drank a liter of beer and had a hot dog
saw a few more sights
tour ended
we went to the famous beer garden
name is forgotten
got some good food
another liter of beer, two for mode
maybe three?
large german guy across from us
got up quite happy
went to the english garden
knocked out on grass
i woke up
explored the rest of the garden
lake, water fowl, beautiful views
came back and mode was still there in the same spot
woke him up
we went back to the hostel
had two cups of coffee and dinner, which was a well done steak
loaded pictures onto the computer
last arrangements
filled out hostel book with a brilliant set of shit
went out to wombats
drank a bit more
free shots
havana club hats
drank the night away
NATALIE???? wtf
fat girl kicking water THE WHITE WHALE
played pool
mode was terrible
continued on next day

Day 84 – Munich to Ancona

went back to the hostel
sat at the fire and guy kicked us out
sat on a nearby bench
starred off into the stars
talked and reflected
mode talked a lot more than i did
walked along
got stuff together
headed off to the station
met some german people on the way back from the hospital
mode socialized
sat in the waiting area and got kicked out
sat at burger king, got some fries
weird police incident
felt really really shitty
got postcards
went to platform
after a bit, mode left, said bye
harassed by munich police
searched everything
almost missed train
train to verona was fine
then realized that the train from verona to bologna was missing… it was late or cancelled or something, so got the next one
train to bologna, little ancy…
only chance was if i got the train from bologna to ancona that arrived at 18:40 to catch the ferry at 19:00
but that train was booked, so had to take the local train which left in 4 minutes
caught it
train to ancona
italians around me being very sociable and fun spirited
really beautiful down the coast
lots of beaches
of course, missed ferry
arrived at 19:45 about
went to information and asked them about a hostel
went to hostel
really really sketchy
open front door and no lock on the room door, nothing to prevent stuff being stolen
walked to ticket office, closed but wrote down times they opened
walked back
weird german guy
weird argentina guy
went out for food
weird indian guy
chicken tikka and beer
into the city
no discotecks
met with guy from greece and his friend at plaza republica
walked around
asked people at the fountain, said no
i left
went back to the hostel
went to sleep

Day 85 – Ancona to Ferry

woke up
had a shitty shower
left the hostel for the port
took a bus
walked to the ticket office
people made line
cut in line
people in front of me being rude to the girl
i was really nice and she was really great
got to go on the ferry without paying again
put bags in luggage storage
walked around
got a sandwich
walked through town again
nothing too special
nap in the sun
got some candy and postcard
went to the internet point
asked woman where port was
got bags and left
read harry potter while waiting for the ship
boarded after waiting in line
deck seats
found a nice spot and just read harry potter
could not find a comfortable position
about dinner time had to leave bags and get dinner
ate quickly
almost left bag, realized because had to open wine
drank wine and read
finished harry potter
fell asleep
woke up in middle of night because of dream that i was about to go to the bathroom and someone opened the door on me, and i fell off of the bench i was on and woke up the guy next to me (later robert), had to go to the bathroom too