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Day 51 – Paris to Berlin

In the morning we arrived in Hendaye. This is at the border of Spain and France. We needed to switch trains, but we had some hours of a layover. So we hung out in the small train station lobby.

I looked over at the ticket buying machine and noticed something very peculiar. You see, the controls for deciding what ticket to buy and all that was a sort of knob with a button in the center. It was a little larger than a baseball. But the thing that was weird was the icon on the screen that gave instructions on how to use it. It had a generic hand twisting, or should I say groping, the round thing with the button in the center. Use your imagination.

Another thing I noticed (I notice a lot when I’m bored) was that there was a small conductor’s room in the lobby. It looked as if it contained some basic stuff, like extra coats or clothing, whistles, what not. There was some kind of shift change that happened while I was there, and the door of the closet was left slightly ajar. I was so completely tempted to walk up to the closet and steal a hat, because I completely could have and not been caught. And I would have had a conductor’s hat. But, I decided not to. I have nothing against these people.

We got on the train and relaxed as it sped through Paris. Now, here I have written that I met a French teacher who gave me book, but I don’t remember that part at all. Maybe my memory of that day was more consumed by suggestive ticket machine controls and hats.

We got to the Paris Station, and went from one station to the other on the metro. Then spent quite a while waiting for the other train. Had McDonalds, ah yes, my last Le Big Mac (ala Pulp Fiction). Eventually got on the train and rode until night. We shared a compartment with some french guys that got on and a weird guy who didn’t like us. I think he just didn’t like youngsters.

In the process of traveling, I decided it would be brilliant to take the last bottle of 1 Euro wine and make it taste better by transforming it into sangria. I did this with the help of the cherry liquor, some of the apples and the oranges. This ended up tasting… well… not as I had hoped. And I don’t think it even got us that drunk, not even tipsy.

Night came. But in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up and had a terrible pain in my arm. It was this really dull achy pain, but it hurt so incredibly much. I suspect it was a pinched nerve of some sort. I tried to wait it out, but I couldn’t, and eventually I decided to risk waking people up by pulling down my backpack and scavenging through it until I found the Advil. I was so happy I had brought that. I swigged it down with some train-made sangria, and eventually could get back to sleep.

Day 52 – Berlin

Got to Berlin at 8 in the morning. Slowly we made our way to the hostel using the bus system. The hostel was in a foresty area, which was really weird since it was in the middle of Berlin.

Put our stuff down and chilled for a bit using the wireless. Then went out into the world using the X10 bus. We missed the first of the tours (one of those free tours where you only pay by tipping the guide). Instead we walked around the zoological garten. Found some stuff at a 1 euro store, and an “alternative” store, where I guess I bought a patch? I also remember getting food right around that area, and they had the car from Death Proof.

Then we got on the tour, and saw all the sights of Berlin. First was the gate. Near the gate, there was this silence room where you’d go in and spend a minute of silence in dedication to something or other. World peace?
Then went to the Holocaust Memorial. That was pretty interesting because it’s all these concrete cubes at differing heights. It was really interesting to walk around the thing, and it seemed a bit easy to run into people there.

Somewhere along the way, though I didn’t write this down, we went to the spot where Hitler died. It wasn’t marked on purpose because they thought there would be problems with Neo-Nazis visiting that area. It was pretty much a ditch. I suppose that’s what he deserved.

The Berlin Wall. Checkpoint Charlie. Stopped for a bit of food.

Went to a few more places, like near a museum, and the place where they burned books (in the scene with Indiana Jones), and also showed us some kind of spire with some story behind it. And then took a rest while the tour guide told us how the wall went down. It was some really weird TV goof up, and proved to be a really interesting story.

Walked all the way back to zoo garten, got on the bus and went back to the hostel. We were totally exhausted, and I spent some time on my laptop updating stuff and going through things on the internet.

Mode was a bit tired, but I wanted to chill outside so I went there. I think I took my book, but some girl met me out there and we talked and talked. We went out for dinner together, Mode I think was sleeping or something. Went to a Greek restaurant, and the food was really good. We had really interesting conversations about all sorts of things. We then walked around looking for a late night phramacy because I think she wanted to get something. Then walked back.

But you know what? This whole time we never asked for each others’ names. Halfway through the evening I pointed this out, and she had noticed too. I can’t remember who suggested it, but we decided that it would be just as well that we never learned each others names. It was a very odd idea, but I liked it. And so to this day I think that is the only friend I have ever made whom I did not know the name of (not including those I have forgotten the name of).

Got back to the hostel and talked online until late. There was some movie playing that people were watching… it was either Inside Man or Robots or both.

Day 53 – Berlin

After getting up we stayed at the hostel for a long time. Finally headed into the city. We tried to find this place to eat that we had read about in the guide book, but once we found it we discovered it was too expensive. We had crap food instead, I think it was kebab.

We then walked through a really long park and got really tired, so headed back.

Chilled at the hostel, and I went out with the unnamed girl again. Apparently she was from Texas? Once again we went to the Greek restaurant and talked about all sorts of stuff.

After coming back I worked on stuff online and watched Elizabethtown before going to bed.

Day 54 – Berlin to Rostock to Sea

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-14 ——

We got up, showered, and had breakfast at the hostel. Packed our things up for a quick escape later, and then headed out to the city again to check out another neighborhood. I believe that we had earlier bought one of those public transportation ticket deals that I misplaced and couldn’t find, so had to re-buy things.

The other parts of Berlin that we explored this day were a lot cooler and more interesting than the Berlin we had seen over the past days but since we were leaving we didn’t have as much time to check it out. Went to the station and back to the hostel, picked up our things, paid our dues, and left.

The train station in Germany was pretty cool, and seemed very high tech. We got on our train to Rostock and went on our merry way. Once we got there we switched to a smaller train to the harbor, and took that to the said stop. But when we got off there was no one there. It was odd… Sort of a weird ghost town feeling. We walked in a direction, not really knowing exactly where to go. By pure luck we happened to see the ferry building and headed there. Got our tickets and went to the nearby supermarket. There we met a strange guy that might have been drunk, and buying some more drink. I think “We Are The Champions” was playing over the supermarket radio, so Mode and I made up a song about the guy, and it goes, asomething, alike this:

Heeee is the champion… of the daaaayyyy
And heeeee’ll keep on drinkiiing, till the ennnnnnnd-of-the-day
Heee is the champion
Nooo time for (forgot)
Cause he is the champion… of the daaaaayyyy

Anyhow. We picked up some odd liquors and candy with liquor in them (which ended up being a disaster and made a mess in my bag. Went back to the ferry terminal and started an epic, epic game of War. After finally someone one, Mode started playing Sam & Max on my laptop. We got on the ferry. And then played more Sam and Max, drank a bottle of wine, and went to bed.

[lost memory] Met and hung out with a Russian Asian girl who I don’t remember at all.

Day 82 – Venice to Munich

got up early
packed and such
said goodbye to the folks at the campsite
got on the train
got to munich
got on tram
went to tent
checked in
got bed sheets
put down stuff
locked up stuff
finally bought a lock (i wrote sock)
got dinner, pasta al ragu (or bolognese) and some nice beers
stood around fire made by some entertaining guys
mode went off to wombats
i chilled at fire for a bit longer talking to a cute girl from montana
went to bed

Day 83 – Munich

got mode up
went out for the free tour
took the free tour
learned about the monks
the monk icon guy with the bible
the lion
churches and gravestones and such
footstep of the devil
at the break drank a liter of beer and had a hot dog
saw a few more sights
tour ended
we went to the famous beer garden
name is forgotten
got some good food
another liter of beer, two for mode
maybe three?
large german guy across from us
got up quite happy
went to the english garden
knocked out on grass
i woke up
explored the rest of the garden
lake, water fowl, beautiful views
came back and mode was still there in the same spot
woke him up
we went back to the hostel
had two cups of coffee and dinner, which was a well done steak
loaded pictures onto the computer
last arrangements
filled out hostel book with a brilliant set of shit
went out to wombats
drank a bit more
free shots
havana club hats
drank the night away
NATALIE???? wtf
fat girl kicking water THE WHITE WHALE
played pool
mode was terrible
continued on next day