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Day 86 – Ferry to Athens

woke up
walked around deck
talked to robert and vilson (like wilson (cast away))
talked about all sorts of things while waiting for the ship to dock
offered to drive me to athens with them
went down to their car
car with bike on top crashed into upper level of cars
got in truck (very sketchy)
drove for a while looking for a place to eat
finally after a small pay toll place stopped on the side
got some meat on a stick, they made me eat twice as much as i would have and a coke
from there rode
and drove
talking and talking
trying to communicate as well as i could in italian
lots of talk of cars
got a little worried when they suddenly weren’t following signs to athens
it was alright because we were just headed to vilson’s town, north of athens a bit
tried to park but cops were behind us threatening, so we went for a while and the cop closely followed behind us
really a bit worried but he left
found a place to park
went and had an enormous meal
could not finish half of it and i felt so bad
they were paying for everything too
ate as much as i could
then got my bags from their truck, gave robert the copy of harry potter
went to the station
exchanged address/phone numbers
they gave me directions and we said farewell
i figured out better directions for myself
went to the acropolis stop
went to the athens studios and they were closed
went to the check in place
got keys
came back with a small chat to guy from NH
went up into the room
met people there
chatted for a bit, completely exhausted
really needed a shower but the towel wasn’t dry
went for a walk with zack
they went out
took a shower
realized i had left the shampoo and stuff back at the ancona hostel
spent the next whatever hours updated the outline (to this very point!)
and now going back and possibly writing up a few days… although i need a short break of some sort
wrote the rest of the outlines
went to bed
woke up to loud sex
… cherry blossoms

Day 87 – Athens

woke up
breakfast with cherry b and zack
dealt with the key situation
bought stuff for shower and two franziskaner
did laundry
took a shower
sat around for a bit while waiting for the dryer
went out
bought a camera and postcards
went up to the acropolis
lots of ruins, kind of like rome but more restored in places
more impressive was the other place
walked along the flea market
got some souvlaki and a frappe
walked the market some more looking for a white shirt
after looking at some prices around 20, found one that was alright (lesser quality though) for 15
bought that
came back to the hostel
met new people at the hostel
talked with adam about technology for a while
went out to have dinner with them at god’s restaurant
came back and showered and drank
not sure if anything after that happened
girl came in at 2 in the morning
mandy left in the morning

Day 88 – Athens

up and hung out with adam and ari
went to the market and got food
came back and made a pizza omelet
went out to the beach
caught the A2
beach was gravelly and not that great
other beach cost money
spent a while in the sun
got a drink
came back
took a nap in the hostel
guys came back
started drinking
met new roommates
all were drinking
went to the rooftop bar
drank more
went to the orange bar
drank more
went home
went to bed