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Day 55 – Baltic Sea

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-29 ——

This was a day on the ferry. We got up and Mode played more Sam and Max while I worked on the journal. We spent most of the day in the disco lounge area listening to bad music and playing the game. I took a nap.

Finally Mode finished the game with minimal hints from me. He had trouble trying to use the wrench on the fish statue, and also how to get the severed hand of Jesse James. Tricky puzzles.

I went to look for some food but couldn’t find much, and on the main desk there were three remaining sandwiches which we got. Hung out with three people who have vanished from my memory: Olga, Sven, and Franswah. We played hearts, walked up to the deck to chill, and then retired.

Day 59 – Helsinki to Ferry

Day 4 in helsinki
woke up early and did laundry
checked out
went to the old market to pick up moose meat and reindeer meat
walked around the new market looking at trinkets
postcards and reindeer horn thing
went to kamppi and got cds and batteries
back to get bags
chill for a moment
left for the ferry
weird jabba the hutt lady
got on the ship and walked around
like a cruise ship
met daniel, who was also in helsinki
talked for a while on the deck
drank a bit of cherry liquor and apple vodka
chilled around
tried to make money
were stalked by these estonian girls who were 15
went dancing at the club
older woman danced with them, i sat out when i got tired
went to the other place
went back but saw estonian girls still following us so we talked to them for a while
ended up talking to ourselves while the estonian girls talked amongst themselves
2 year old baby so moved
weird guy
estonian girls had to go home
we went to the club again
talked to some other girls
free pizza!!!!!!
i was getting tired
we eventually retired

Day 85 – Ancona to Ferry

woke up
had a shitty shower
left the hostel for the port
took a bus
walked to the ticket office
people made line
cut in line
people in front of me being rude to the girl
i was really nice and she was really great
got to go on the ferry without paying again
put bags in luggage storage
walked around
got a sandwich
walked through town again
nothing too special
nap in the sun
got some candy and postcard
went to the internet point
asked woman where port was
got bags and left
read harry potter while waiting for the ship
boarded after waiting in line
deck seats
found a nice spot and just read harry potter
could not find a comfortable position
about dinner time had to leave bags and get dinner
ate quickly
almost left bag, realized because had to open wine
drank wine and read
finished harry potter
fell asleep
woke up in middle of night because of dream that i was about to go to the bathroom and someone opened the door on me, and i fell off of the bench i was on and woke up the guy next to me (later robert), had to go to the bathroom too