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Day 6 – Omaha

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-5-29 ——

Woke up feeling incredibly disgusting, and on top of that: Humidity. Anyone who has been to the middle of the United States during the summer knows how awful this can be. Since we were sleeping out of our car, we felt extra dirty, but a shower probably wouldn’t have helped at all.

We drove around Omaha, admiring the abandoned factories and old buildings made of brick. It was later that we realized we were in the industrial section (the ass end of town), complete with the obligatory homeless guy pissing on a bench.

After relocating to the back of a Sears parking lot we slept some more. Eventually I called this girl Andrea. This is a friend I made from my online journal who I had spoken with for a long amount of time. She also was very attractive, and a bass player in a band. This was the second online-friend that we met through the trip. So we arranged a time and place.

Meanwhile we went to Borders to get some reading material. I picked out a copy of Moby Dick, which then stayed with me for years and years. I think I finally gave it away somewhere on my second Europe trip in 2012. Sean picked out a Punisher comic book.

We went to Red Robins to meet up with Andrea. She was as attractive, maybe more so than what I had seen online. Had a nice lunch and chatted about random things, then as quickly as we met we said goodbye and were back on the road.

One smaller note: Saw a sign for a “HUGE BABY KIDS SALE”. I wonder how much they cost.

Sean drove while I slept this time, and we made our way through Des Moines without stopping.

Around Iowa City the car finally decided to die. Our problems had not been fixed in Colorado, and no matter how many times we waited and started driving again we couldn’t make it more than a few feet before it died again. So we called AAA, waited a bit, and got towed to the Chrysler dealership downtown. The guy was very nice and we paid him $12.50 for the towing (quite a deal thanks to AAA). The dealership was closed so we filled out a form for them to look at it, dropped the keys off, and found the nearest motel.

One very memorable moment of the trip (besides breaking down) happened at the reception of that motel, where a woman who was from Walnut Creek (CA) gave me the guest form to sign and told me she just needed my “John Henry” on the line there. Welcome to Iowa City.