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Day 5 – Archeological Dig, Arab Israeli Co-Existance Program, Party

This day we went on an Archeological dig. Went to some site where this guy explained how they were a non-profit research team that allowed the public and various organizations to work on a specific site to try and find things. We looked at one place that was already done and he explained some things about it while bugs attacked us.

Then the guy took us on an exploration of caves, which was AWESOME. They were lit by small candles, and we had to crawl through small places, help each other get through obstacles, watch out for traps, and run from falling boulders. It smelled all cave-musky. Then we came out and it was hot and buggy again.

Then we went into a nearby site where people had been working on digging out a room. We shoveled dirt into buckets, then made a chain of people to take the buckets out of the room to the surface (the room was underground), and then we sifted through the dirt for pot bits. There were a lot. Afterwards we went to some place where there was a multitude of pot chips that researchers had deemed not worthy, and I picked out a piece. The guy gave one last talk and we were out of there.

Then we went to a mall for some reason and got some stuff.

Then we picked up some Israeli Soldiers, who would spend the next couple days with us. They all seemed like nice people.

Then we had lunch at this terrible sandwich place. I got a kebob sandwich that turned out to be pretty gross.

Then we headed to a place for an Arab Israeli Co-existance program. It was at a zoo for children at some place, and there were interesting animals there. A nice guy gave a talk about the situation, and the history with the local city and neighboring Arab village.

Then we went to a place where they were setting up the border that would become the separation between Israel and a Palestinian state. It was hot and not many people were paying attention.

Then we went on a long trip to the hotel, and unpacked since we were staying there for a while. Went to dinner, and then had a meeting where we celebrated Julie’s birthday.

Then there was drinking on the balcony, which was a good time, and then we moved the party to the bar/disco where nobody was, at first, but then people trickled in and the dance party was started. Lots of partying, and chilling. Talking with people, and what not. Many drunks. The party eventually died down and I went to bed.

Day 6 – Observation Point, Tzfat, Water Hike

Got up and went to breakfast. Onto the bus and went to the Metzudat Koach Observation point. While walking there I got stung on the arm by something and it stung really bad. Not sure what it was, but it was inside my shirt, so I shook out my shirt a bunch and waited a while before putting it back on. There was also honeysuckle there, which one of the Israelis, Tamer, also knows about taking out the middle thing and getting the honey! This made me very happy.

Then we went to the lovely city of Tzfat, where we were lectured and I fell asleep, but soon went into a synagogue where the guy who began Kabbalah studied, which was mildly interesting.

Then we spent time going around a row of shops. There was a huge candle shop there and they had all these interesting designs.

Then we went on a hike up a waterfall! Walked through a river, and then up a river, and then into a waterfall, and it seemed pretty dangerous but we all made it. It was exciting climbing all the rocks and being monkey-like. Unfortunately there was a lot of people at the destination, and we couldn’t play very much in the waterfall. There were fig trees EVERYWHERE. Which was kind of weird.

Came back down, and got some watermelon as well as making our way into an apricot orchard (Avi said it was ok) and picked some good apricots. (washed them of course before eating).

While leaving there was a fire happening nearby and we saw a plane come by to prevent it spreading in some direction. Apparently it happens all the time. Richens the soil.

Then we came back for a Shabbat service, which was really half-assed and sad. Nobody really knew the order of prayers and it was more like “Who knows a song to sing? Ok lets sing that one!”. Which was alright.

Half of the trip went to the local pub, but I was tired so I decided to just sleep.

Day 7 – Shabbat and Boat Party

Shabbat in English probably most correctly translates to “sit-your-ass-down-and-chill-dawg”. So I slept a bit, then took my book out onto the balcony to read. Then took the book over to the pool. Read there. Read a lot. Sat with my shirt open and read a lot. Then Jess came by and was going to get a popsicle so I went with. Ate the popsicle and came back to finish my book.

1984 is a very interesting book. It presents a terrifying situation through a story of this man Winston. What I didn’t like about the book, is it seemed like Orwell was trying to get across this idea of the future, more than presenting a story. At one point in the book he just makes some excuse to completely leave the story and write directly what he is trying to present to the reader. Which is all great if thats what you’re into, but I feel that it would have been even greater mastery of writing if he could avoid that and just get across his point through the story, maybe making the book longer if necessary. Which is another point – he stops too abruptly. I think he could have done otherwise. But overall it was very well done.

After that I went for a walk through the Kibbutz with Michelle and Becka. We walked about and it was very quiet and calm all around. Very nice. Then we came back. I think I chilled a bit more in various places.

Then we went on a boat party on the Sea of Galilee. We thought there was going to be alcohol, but there wasn’t, which was disappointing. I didn’t feel too good so I didn’t dance, and just kind of sat on the side the whole time. I really don’t enjoy dancing : /.

Then we got dinner at this small harbor town near the sea, and I got some wonderful Irish coffee and crossaint.

Came back and slept.

Day 8 – Hike, Winery, Kayaking, Ropes Course

This was another long day for us.

We first set out on a hike alongside a river and in a very natural setting. There were ruins from Roman buildings such as mills and granaries. In the middle of the area there was a food stand that looked pretty good, but I wasn’t hungry. Went to a waterfall that was pretty nice, and while hiking back, Irad picked up a bird’s head that was rotting on the ground and threw it. Something was weird about that guy…

We went to a old bunker site in the Golan Heights area, which had a great view (obviously). Irad gave a long long explanation of everything and I don’t think I heard a word of any of it. But there was an old rusted bazooka on the ground.

For lunch we stopped at some place with two counter-type restaurants and I got some Shwarma, which was alright (but I shouldn’t have gotten the hummus).

Then we headed off to the Golan Heights Winery, which is supposedly famous throughout the world. The Golan Heights have the same kind of atmosphere as Napa Valley, and it’s just as gorgeous, so thus good wine comes from it. We were shown how to taste wine like an expert. First hold the glass correctly, then examine the color, then stick your nose into the glass, then taste it, then spit it out. I don’t agree with the spitting out part, but the 3 wines they gave us were really good. And we got a free glass!

Then they showed us a ridiculous movie with a dubbed genie and some weirdo who acted a bit like Napoleon Dynamite (except liek 30 years older). I bought three bottles of wine and a bottle of olive oil.

Then it was off to the Jordan River, where we went rafting/kayaking. I got into a kayak with David. I don’t think we worked that well as a team, but we did go pretty fast and had a great time. Relaxing and fun.

Then we landed at the site downstream and got dinner there, which included some really sweet tea that I liked, and some cheese pizza that was alright. And nearby was a ropes course setup. I got on the High Challenges (which weren’t that challenging) first and got off not too long after. I went through almost all of the obstacles too… The ropes really cut up some parts of my arm and also going through these barrels made me very dirty. Then after getting down I did the climbing wall, which I did to the almost top. Kenny agrees with me that there was no way to get to the very very top (nowhere to put your feet). Then did a bit of archery, and didn’t do any significant feat there.

Back to the hotel. Before going to bed, I was walking around seeing who I could hang out with and it turned out someone had found a scorpion on their suitcase. Irad put it in a cup, took it out to the balcony, and after fooling around with a ball-point pen, was able to grab the scorpion by it’s stinger. This was INTENSE. Hardcore Israeli here. That was exciting.

And so much excitement that I just had to sleep.