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Day 82 – Venice to Munich

got up early
packed and such
said goodbye to the folks at the campsite
got on the train
got to munich
got on tram
went to tent
checked in
got bed sheets
put down stuff
locked up stuff
finally bought a lock (i wrote sock)
got dinner, pasta al ragu (or bolognese) and some nice beers
stood around fire made by some entertaining guys
mode went off to wombats
i chilled at fire for a bit longer talking to a cute girl from montana
went to bed

Day 83 – Munich

got mode up
went out for the free tour
took the free tour
learned about the monks
the monk icon guy with the bible
the lion
churches and gravestones and such
footstep of the devil
at the break drank a liter of beer and had a hot dog
saw a few more sights
tour ended
we went to the famous beer garden
name is forgotten
got some good food
another liter of beer, two for mode
maybe three?
large german guy across from us
got up quite happy
went to the english garden
knocked out on grass
i woke up
explored the rest of the garden
lake, water fowl, beautiful views
came back and mode was still there in the same spot
woke him up
we went back to the hostel
had two cups of coffee and dinner, which was a well done steak
loaded pictures onto the computer
last arrangements
filled out hostel book with a brilliant set of shit
went out to wombats
drank a bit more
free shots
havana club hats
drank the night away
NATALIE???? wtf
fat girl kicking water THE WHITE WHALE
played pool
mode was terrible
continued on next day