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Day 5 – Omaha

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-5-29 ——

We got up and first thing we did was to drop the car off at the dealership. As we were walking into the shop, we heard police sirens approaching the nearby intersection. We saw this just as it happened. Some guy started to creep into the intersection (either he didn’t hear the sirens or thought they were behind him) and a police car came from the perpendicular direction and BOOM right into the front of the guy! Both cars spun around a lot and it seemed like nobody was seriously hurt. We looked at it for a while and then went into the shop and arranged things. They gave us a car to drive while they were working on ours.

Found breakfast at some bagel shop nearby, walked a bit more around the town.

After enough time we went to back to the mechanic shop and picked up the car. I believe they did not find anything wrong with the car, or at least the changes they made did not fix the problem. We drove back to Paula and Harvey’s place, said goodbye, and zoomed off again.

We took 76 North to meet up with 80, and made our way through hot and humid Nebraska. There was nothing but farm land and large cow farms that went on for a long ways. I’ve never seen so many cows in my life, and if you look at the photos you can only see a blur of brown between the sky and grass. It got dark over the course of the drive since we had started so late.

[lost memory] – stop in somewhere to get food (mysterious wendy’s?)

Driving at night on highway 80 can be really boring and I remember falling unconscious briefly two times, kind of a head nodding thing. So I decided to stop at the next rest stop to take a break. I sat on top of the car for a bit looking at the stars, and since we were out in the middle of nowhere there were tons of them. I saw a shooting star too.

We drove into Omaha at night, and tried to find an inconspicuous place to park the car to sleep. There were sketchy places EVERYWHERE, and in the end we drove over the state border to Iowa to some inn, parked in the back lot, and fell asleep there.