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Day 64 – Oslo

Woke up
chilled at the hostel
went out to see musuems
walked to ferry
took ferry
walked to viking museum
single guy on train tram
walked around viking museum
walked around the entire harbor
nice walk
went to vondelburg park
crazy sculptures about aging and what not
sat at the bridge
walked to the royal palace
weird hats with emo whatever
kids amazed at riki-oh shirt
chilling on the steps
walked back
got licorish on the way back
came back to the hostel
made food
i made pizza
mode made noodles
relaxed and mode played indy
imi came
on the run from the mafia
hippy rastafarian
“fuckin’ fuck”
stoned out of his mind
“blah blah blah bwrghchhhhh”
went to bed

Day 65 – Oslo

Subway first
cheese steak
station to book tickets from copenhagen to berlin
to the library
checked balance and send emails
went to elm street pub
rockabilly family place
went to “Our Daily Bread”
metal on the wall
cup of coffee
walked in the other direction to find the rock in club
went in a few shops and looked around
came back to the hostel
made quesadillas
chilled there for the rest of the day
finished indy