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Day 14 – Ottawa

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-8-23 ——

Well this day had some interesting adventures.

Started off by getting the hotel breakfast, which for me involved a bagel and cream cheese. Then we were on the road again, driving through beautiful Ontario countryside. Very natural, very scenic.

We made it to the capital, Ottawa, and made a visit to the visitor center. We didn’t spend too much time here, and I recall going to a square with market stalls and food. We did not go in the famous castle there because we wanted to make our way to Montreal. So after a lunch we headed out.

The car we were driving was this teal soccer mom van, and lucky for us it has a counter telling us how many miles until our gas tank was empty. Unlucky for us, this meter was getting very low and we weren’t seeing any gas stations.

So finally we got to a town named Buckingham. There was a fork in the road, and our gas miles meter read “8”, so we drove a little bit down one side of the fork, and then turned around and tried the other. Finally, running on fumes, we found a gas station (I’ve found this gas station on Chemin de Masson off of highway 50). Filled up the car. And then tried to start it.

And it wouldn’t start.

We cranked it a few times, and couldn’t figure out what was the matter. It was a worse problem than what had happened in Ohio. So we called CAA (the Canadian version of AAA) and they got a tow truck for us. They took us to the nearby mechanic garage on Avenue Lépine.

Now one thing that some people may know about Quebec, the province we were in, is that they predominantly speak French. And it just so happened that Buckingham was a French speaking city. So much that many people did not speak English, or at least not very well. It became quite a challenge to communicate to the mechanics what was wrong with the car, and filling out paperwork was also a bit challenging since it was in French. For some reason I particularly remember this one mechanic that spoke almost no English, and had absolutely terrible teeth. Well despite this language barrier, the car went in for service and we found a motel, Les Pignons Verts, to stay at.